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Legal aid costs

The topic of recovering the costs of legal aid is one of the most relevant for those who use the services of lawyers, as well as for the lawyers themselves. Clients pay a fee, lawyers spend their time analyzing current legislation, current case law, participate in court hearings. Bring the case to a positive solution for the client. And the court finds that the lawyer spent too little time, and the costs themselves are inflated.

Thus, the costs associated with the legal assistance of a lawyer are borne by the parties, except in cases that are borne by the state. To determine the amount of legal aid costs in order to allocate costs, the lawyer provides a detailed description of the services provided by the lawyer and performed by him in providing legal assistance. The amount of costs should be commensurate with the following provisions.
1) First, the complexity of the case and the work performed by the lawyer
2) Secondly, the time spent by a lawyer to perform work or provide services.
3) Third, the cost of the claim or the value of the case to the client.

In this case, the burden of proving the disproportion of costs rests with the party that relies on the costs to be shared between the parties.

Thus, reimbursement of legal aid costs is quite important reputational for lawyers.

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