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Inspection of employees

Inspection visits: workers’ rights
From 05.10.2018, the campaign of State Labor Service, State Federal Service for State Administration, PFU, National Police and other central bodies of executive power and local self-government was launched. Only conscientious employers can also be targeted.
At this time, the supervisory authorities are obliged to conduct an information and explanatory campaign about the planned verification activities and the inadmissibility of admitting employees to work without formalizing labor relations with them. Such measures are provided for by order No. 649-r. Order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine “On measures aimed at de-shadowing relations in the sphere of employment of the population” dated 05.09.2018, No. 649-r.
Comprehensive inspections will not be limited to a month, because the order obliges the indicated bodies to report to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (through the State Labor Office and the Ministry of Social Policy) on a monthly basis.
That is, the likelihood of the arrival of labor inspectors will rapidly increase.

The procedure for exercising state control over compliance with labor legislation, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 26.04.2017 No. 295. allows labor inspectors:

– in private or in the presence of witnesses, ask the manager and / or employees of the visited object questions regarding labor legislation, receive oral and / or written explanations on these issues.
– to receive a workplace with the ability to conduct a confidential conversation with employees regarding the subject of the inspection visit.
At the same time, the requirement of the labor inspector to provide the object of the visit for reviewing documents and / or their copies or extracts from documents, explanations, access to premises, organization of the workplace, entered within the authority, is mandatory.
– to record the conduct of an inspection visit on the identification of unregistered labor relations by means of audio, photo and video equipment.

Labor inspectors have the right to ask workers questions; retire with them (to conduct a conversation), film it all and … consult at your discretion. But consulting is still not what we are interested in now, because it should not bring negative consequences for the employer.
The employee’s duties do not include communication with the inspectors, and no law obliges him to talk with them.
It is best to brief your employees in advance on what they need to know.
Also, labor inspectors have the right to record the conduct of an inspection visit by means of audio, photo and video equipment. The employee has the right to refuse to be removed, such a right is given to him by Art. 307 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, which establishes that an individual can be filmed on a photo, film, television or videotape only with his consent.

A person’s consent to filming is allowed if filming is carried out openly on the street, at meetings, conferences, rallies and other public events.
The right of inspectors to conduct a survey is enshrined in clause 11 of Order No. 295, and this document is not law.
Sometimes the requirements of labor legislation are not known not only by the employees, but also by the employers themselves, allowing violations. About which of them are the most serious (and therefore punitive).
The reviewers are most interested in and what they are most likely to ask is:
– employee’s position
– a list of job responsibilities.
– the amount of wages.
And in more detail about the components of payments to employees, accruals of ERUs and deductions of personal income tax and VS, trade union dues (if any) will have to “report” to accountants.

Revealing the fact of payment to an employee is legal, and a part in an envelope may become a reason for imposing a fine in accordance with par. 2 h. 2 tbsp. 265 Labor Code in the amount of 30 min wages
The data of such a survey can bring to the surface the facts of non-compliance by the employer with the minimum state guarantees in labor remuneration (which are fraught with the imposition of a fine in the amount of 10 min.

Labor inspectors can also inquire about the timeliness and frequency of payment of wages. They need these data to detect the facts of payments with a delay of more than a month, for which there is a fine (paragraph 3 of article 265 of the Labor Code) in the amount of 3 min wages
Revealing the fact of registration of employees for part-time work in the case of actual performance of work full-time. Such a violation “weighs” 30 sizes of the minimum salary in force at the time of detection of the violation.

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