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How to return the money confiscated by the customs authorities in the customs control zone?

Quite often, Ukrainian citizens and foreigners have difficulties in passing customs control at airports, as a person must choose a “green” or “red corridor” in front of the customs control zone.
What does it mean?
According to the customs legislation in Ukraine, there is a two-channel system of customs control of goods, which allows citizens to declare by choosing one of the two channels of passage through the customs border of Ukraine “Green Corridor” or “Red Corridor”.
The “Green Corridor” is intended for simplified customs control of goods that are not subject to mandatory written declaration and the movement of which across the customs border of Ukraine is not prohibited or restricted (eg currency up to 10,000 euros). This zone can be used by citizens of Ukraine and foreigners.
The “red corridor” is also part of the customs control zone on the territory or at the airport and is intended for customs procedures of goods that are subject to mandatory written declaration, import or export of currency of more than 10,000 euros. Citizens of Ukraine and foreigners must pass through the “red corridor” zone if they import or export currency of more than 10,000 euros outside the territory of Ukraine with its obligatory declaration.
In most cases, people crossing the border do not declare the money they carry with them and choose the wrong channel for crossing the customs border. Due to these circumstances, the customs authorities, in case of detection of undeclared funds in a citizen, confiscate them with the obligatory drawing up of a report on violation of customs rules. In the future, such a protocol is submitted by customs officers to the court.
Today in Ukraine there are many court decisions when citizens are prosecuted and currency is confiscated in favor of the state. However, there is a way out of such situations!
Our company’s lawyers have repeatedly won cases on the grounds of violation of customs rules, the responsibility for which is provided by Article 471 of the Customs Code of Ukraine.
In addition, lawyers accompanied the client directly to the customs authorities, for the smooth return of currency as soon as possible.
Given the experience of our company’s lawyers, you can turn to qualified professionals for advice and legal assistance.

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