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How to choose the right lawyer / attorney? What should you pay attention to? | “PRIKHODKO & PARTNERS”

Good day! My name is Andrey Prikhodko. Today we will talk about such an important question that many people ask: “How to choose the right lawyer or attorney?”

❶ The first thing worth paying attention to is the knowledge of a lawyer. When you come for a consultation, a lawyer must tell you how he will solve your problem with the promises of legislation. You should listen carefully in order to compare later what this lawyer tells you with what another lawyer will tell you.

❷ The second thing to look out for is experience! How to measure experience? Ask a lawyer a question: “Have you had similar cases?”

A good criminal lawyer cannot be a civil law lawyer, or a good traffic accident lawyer cannot handle divorce. I clearly understand this principle from practice, since I have a staff of lawyers.
When you come to a lawyer, he offers you a mechanism, let him show you the court rulings or the verdict or acquittals, that is, those cases in which he represented the interests of his clients and achieved results for them.
Only in this way, only according to this principle, make your choice. Because many can tell a lot and beautifully, but only a few can document it.

❸ The third criterion is the price. Pricing in jurisprudence is incomprehensible, unstable, as the owner of a law firm, sometimes I do not know what price to charge a client for the legal task he sets before us. I know one thing for sure – a cheap lawyer, most likely not a professional. Let me explain: if a lawyer is a professional he does a good result, he is purposeful, purposeful – such a lawyer or the owner of his business, where he pays rent, wages, taxes, etc. and, accordingly, his price tag will be higher, or is it a lawyer of a law firm, because the entire legal business is based on personnel. It is often said that the services of law firms are too expensive, it is better to hire a freelance lawyer, he will do the same thing, only 10 times cheaper. I can assure you that he will not do the same – it is 100% verified.

If you have already held meetings with several lawyers, you have decided on some option, you like that the lawyer has knowledge, he has positive experience in the same areas, I emphasize, not a general positive experience, but specifically in the direction that interests you , and it has a normal average price tag compared to the rest and it suits you. The next stage is an agreement with a lawyer. Here it is very important to come to an agreement clearly. You must understand what he will do, in what time frame, even if a lawyer tells you that he cannot tell you the exact terms for objective reasons, such as: unstable work of the courts or law enforcement agencies, let him designate the maximum term for you and you need it fix in the contract. If you do not do this, then your process may be delayed indefinitely. It is very important what result a lawyer will get when protecting your interests. Will he compensate you for some part of the money or not, if the result differs from what you expected? Also agree on this moment, as they say, “on the shore”.

Now is the 21st century, all normal lawyers are on the Internet. They advertise their services on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and other special legal platforms. Feel free to experiment. Come to a meeting with 3 4 lawyers, listen, choose. This is very correct. Move away from this hierarchical principle when choosing by recommendation. Because he can and helped one person, being a specialist in a particular industry, but your problem may be completely different. Make your choice as I recommend, by meeting with several different lawyers. In this way, you can find a good lawyer on a specific issue.

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