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How not to fall victim to financial pyramids and investment organizations? Because of the lawyer!

Recently, in the media, on the Internet you can find all sorts of advertising of financial institutions and companies that offer to invest (invest) significant amounts of money in their activities, promising a monthly timely payment of large interest, incredible capitalization of deposits, and return on contributions. the first requirement of the depositor.

However, as you know, free cheese only in a mousetrap!

In practice, as a rule, the situation is diametrically opposed.

Indeed, first, so-called financial companies invite a potential victim to their office, which is usually located in an elite business center, which makes a positive impression on the one hand, and distracts on the other.
The funds are allegedly used for the development of projects of the latest technologies, stock exchanges, securities, transport, electric cars, precious stones, metals, etc.

Next, friendly “managers” treat you to expensive drinks and food, and continue to talk about the crazy profits that can be obtained from their contribution, as well as the fact that in six months to a year you will actually become a millionaire.

With such clients in such companies work well psychologically prepared people who usually receive the percent from the sum of the means brought by the client. The main purpose of such actions is to form a person’s faith in a bright future, the belief that he will be able to get rich in a short period of time without much effort, so that a trusting “investor” can easily say goodbye to their money.

After the potential victim is morally ready, she is given a contract to sign, which really spells out the fantastic interest and conditions that were previously voiced to her. After such manipulations, the potential victim is happy to sign the contract and give the money, while not paying attention to the fact that except for the contract, no documents that would confirm the fact of transfer of money, no one provides her. Moreover, the person has only a copy of the contract, in which, as a rule, there is no information that the money was actually transferred.

In the future, for several months, the “investor” is actually paid the promised interest on the deposit from the funds contributed by the same other “investors”, because in fact any such “investment” companies do not carry out.

It is interesting to note that such “interest” (dividends) are not transferred from the company’s bank account, but through a self-service bank terminal to a person’s card account, often without even specifying the purpose of payment.

After six months or a year, the payment of interest is stopped, and the investor is informed that the company to which the money was transferred has gone bankrupt, left the group of companies, etc. and can not return the money.

Then the person is offered to conclude a new “investment” agreement with another company that has assumed the obligations of the previous company, but not all, but, for example, 80%. However, the “new” company, like the “previous” one, refuses to return the money and indicates that it will return the money only if a new contract is concluded, and only after its expiration, for example, a year later.

And a year later the story repeats itself if the “pyramid” is designed for several years, or like the previous one, the “new” company goes bankrupt or the so-called “express liquidation” is applied to it – a quick change of owner and manager, as a result of which it is virtually impossible to recover no funds.

In the above circumstances, the deceived “investor”, who until recently planned to significantly increase his wealth, is left with nothing but a small amount of interest that was paid to him in a few months.

Under such “schemes” of rapid enrichment, a significant number of the population of our state has lost if not all, then almost all of their savings.

Moreover, there are cases when people borrow from a bank to invest in such “financial companies”, and not only do not make a profit, but also remain guilty of banking institutions and lose their own real estate, cars, property.

The actions of persons who create such “financial companies” and under the guise of economic activities extort money from people contain signs of fraud, namely the seizure of another’s property or acquisition of property rights through fraud or abuse of trust, liability for which is provided by Article 190 of the Criminal Code Of Ukraine.

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