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FOP: what kind of nobility? What are the nuances of doing business?

A physical person – a person – is a very ideal organizational and legal form for a small business, including the fact that you plan to provide servants or sell your comrades to the Kintsev family – physical persons.
Perevagami takoi formi є:
– the obvious simplicity of the restoration and maintenance of the field;
– hiring a director;
– there is no need to pay a salary / dividend (especially a physical individual of a child є automatically costs a physical individual);
– the ability to turn be-yak a group of forgiven systems and opodatkuvannya (for singing minds).

Yak and dermal form of business of FOP men of shortages: a person is physically aware of all her crops for goiters, tied to her own business.
Zareєstruvat yak FOP can be a dizdatna person. The procedure for re-structuring is free of charge (vidsutniy administrative zbir) and a loan for 24 years (if you submit the documents before the notary), or the decal of days (as re-structured through the CNAP).
On top of that, you can speed up the service of the online restoration of a physical specimen – pidpryumtsya. For the whole next step, log in for an additional electronic digital signature and memorize the required fields, which are available for cues on the site. The system is left to work in the pilot mode, but to finish it manually.

The type of performance of a physical individual – the practice is selected according to the Classifier of types of economic performance. Legislation cannot be avenged in many economies of scale. Moreover, you can see the benefits of absolutely new galuzei.

Defending KVEDіv not zobov’yazuє You should be aware of all the types of performance, even if in the future plan of expanding your business – just turn all the planned KVEDi at once. If a change is made to the reєstru, the service is also paid.

Oskіlki I will declare about the support of the simplified system and the support can be paid one time before the hour of restoration, if you choose the type of support from the beginning.

FOP in Ukraine can contact:

I will pay a fee for the income of physical persons (18% of net income) and a fee for income (1.5%);
I will simplify the system of opodatkuvannya with a single tribute.

The law of transferring the power of restoration to FOPs for 16 years, but in this case, the person can pay notarially dedicated to the year of fathers.

Over a span of 24 years from the moment of rejection of the documents, the rector to carry out the sovereign re-establishment. Pislya tsiogo tax and іnshі organi will automatically take food on the field.

For the restoration of a paid person, one tribute from the next day:

I will apply for a tax deduction from the simplified system (as such was not submitted to the clerk);
taxes will be fed to the otrimannya Vityagu from the paysite register;
zareєstruvati Book oblіku revenues that vitrat.
At the moment of restoration of the FOP, you can open the bank account and quickly develop the business.

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