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Features of marriage registration with a foreigner. What documents are required? What are the nuances?

The Constitution of Ukraine stipulates that foreigners and stateless persons legally staying in Ukraine enjoy the same rights and freedoms, as well as bear the same obligations as citizens of Ukraine (except as provided by the Constitution, laws or international treaties). Of Ukraine).
It is noted that for the registration of marriage in Ukraine it is necessary to comply with only a few conditions:
– brides reach the age of marriage (adulthood);
– lack of official marriages with other persons;
– no obstacles to marriage (it is impossible to marry between relatives and cousins, relatives aunt / uncle and niece / niece, relatives of the direct line of kinship, adoptive parent and adopted child).
In particular, for the registration of a marriage between Ukrainians or with a foreigner, the future spouse submits a written application in person in the prescribed form to any body of the DRACS or online through the web portal “Appeals in the field of state registration”. If a woman and / or a man cannot, for valid reasons, personally submit an application for state registration of marriage to the DRACS body, such a declaration, the authenticity of the signature (s) on which is notarized, may be submitted by their representatives. The authority of the representative must be based on a notarized power of attorney.

? What documents do you need to have with you?

Ukrainians present a passport or passport document on their identity card, as well as documents confirming the termination of a previous marriage (if any). Thus, foreigners and stateless persons must present for registration of marriage in Ukraine:
– passport or identity document of the applicant;
– permanent or temporary residence permit;
– another document confirming the legality of the stay of a foreigner or stateless person on the territory of Ukraine.
Documents confirming the termination of a previous marriage or its invalidation may be:
– certificate of divorce;
– court decision on divorce;
– a court decision declaring the marriage invalid, which has entered into force;
– death certificate of one of the spouses;
– conclusion of the DRACS department on annulment of the marriage certificate, which is invalid, etc.
Also, documents confirming the termination of a previous marriage, which are provided by the legislation of a foreign state and issued by a competent authority, must be appropriately legalized, unless otherwise provided by international treaties of Ukraine, the consent of which is given by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

Documents of foreigners, stateless persons, which are the basis for registration of marriage, drawn up in a foreign language, must be accompanied by a translation of the text into Ukrainian, the authenticity of which is certified:
– a diplomatic mission or consular post of Ukraine;
– embassy (consulate) of the state of which the foreigner is a citizen (country of permanent residence of a stateless person);
– the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, another relevant body of this state;
– notary.

If a translation of documents, the authenticity of which is certified in accordance with the legislation of the foreign state in which they were issued, is submitted to the bodies of state registration of civil status acts, it must be legalized in the prescribed manner.

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