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Expert on tender procurement Ivan Іshuk about discriminating about tenders

The Law of Ukraine on Public Procurement does not take revenge on the fact that it is possible for them to be discriminated against or accorded.

Significant problems emerge at the link with the cim, as in the case of uasniks as well as in the deputies for the preparation of tender documents and participation in the electronic auction.
Zagalom with the main signs of discrimination є:
– For the first time – the reason for the inherited connection between the purchased item and the subject of the purchase.

– In a different way, think of the stench of one piece encircling a number of participants, as well as the stench of adding additional possibilities for seeing potential opportunities from these purchases.

One hundred percent prikhovany vimog, then tse such, as soon as the documentary confirmed information is given, to be aware of the fact that it is not possible to predict the tender documents. Thus, the reason for the fact that the singing change of the participants cannot take part in the purchase, or submit their documents to the broken minds of the tender documentation.

Unimportant on the motivation of the deputy, the participant is guilty quickly and precisely because of the discrimination and initiation of the vimogi. In the first place, you will bring it up to the second hour, which is the last hour to participate in the public procurement.

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