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Dual citizenship bill. Who is subject to the simplified procedure for obtaining citizenship?

? There is currently a debate on the presidential bill on amendments to the law on citizenship, also called the bill on dual citizenship. Currently, the issue of dual citizenship is not regulated by law, and this bill proposes to legalize it.
☝ Interesting is the innovation “on the oath of a citizen of Ukraine”, in particular, in case of adoption of the bill, certain categories of foreigners will be required to sign such a document certifying that in case of acquiring Ukrainian citizenship in legal relations with Ukraine they recognize themselves as Ukrainian citizens.
The bill also provides for a simplified procedure for obtaining citizenship.
The following categories of persons can simply file a declaration of renunciation of citizenship instead of revoking their citizenship:
foreigners who served under contract in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
✅foreigners who are citizens of the aggressor country (Russia) and who have been persecuted in their homeland;
✅foreigners who have outstanding merits before Ukraine; foreigners who took a direct part in the anti-terrorist operation;
Foreigners who served under contract in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and were awarded the State Award of Ukraine.

? To summarize, if a bill is passed, an emigrant from Ukraine who has already obtained, for example, German citizenship will not have to lose his Ukrainian passport. He will legally have two or even three; foreigners fighting in the east will have the opportunity to acquire Ukrainian citizenship under a simplified procedure, without giving up their family; It will be easier for political refugees and people to prove that their ancestors lived in Ukraine until the end of the 19th century.
? The main message of the project is that Ukrainians inside the country will be allowed to have two or three passports legally.
The parliament reports that, for example, a preliminary agreement has been reached with Canada on dual citizenship. This will allow the Ukrainian diaspora in Canada to return to their historical homeland and feel Ukrainian again without losing legal ties with Canada.
? Assessing the bill, we can say that it contains more positive aspects for Ukrainians who want to live with the status of bipatrids than for foreigners who plan to acquire Ukrainian citizenship and not give up their own.
We hope that by the fall the deputies will decide on the final version of the law and pass it, and we, in turn, will be able to help you with issues of dual citizenship.
By the way, on our website you can read about the differences between “second citizenship” and “dual citizenship”.

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