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We are often approached by people with various problems, some of whom do not really need the services of a lawyer, and each citizen can solve this problem on their own, knowing just a step-by-step procedure.

However, most lawyers use it, “inflate” the complexity of the problem, the threat of a “poor” solution, and so on. All this is done in order to keep you – as a customer and earn money.

Of course, there are people who adhere to the principle of “everyone should do their job” – a doctor – to treat, a master to repair, and a lawyer – to go to court, write complaints and so on.
But there are simple issues that don’t really require a lawyer or solicitor. For example – in the relationship with the insurance – there are decent insurance companies that will pay without the participation of a lawyer (you need to know the terms and amounts, well, your rights), or CNAP – where there are clear instructions on how to change residence or how to register a child and so further… .. And really here the lawyer isn’t necessary. It is enough to know the algorithm of actions.

A few years ago, an idea came to me. I wanted to simplify the communication of all lawyers, attorneys, accountants, notaries and other professionals with people. Create a mobile application like Uber or OLH, through which everyone could get a consultation as quickly as possible without being tied to a specific city and at any time. That the online consultation of the lawyer took place as quickly as possible, qualitatively and accessible.

Thus arose the project ? “CONSULTANT”, which is now available in Google Play and App Store.

But there are situations when even when you have a seemingly good lawyer, but he is not an expert in a particular problem. For example – a receipt, debt repayment.
A lawyer in civil cases will say you need to go to court, a lawyer in criminal cases – to open a criminal case, just a lawyer on all issues – will say that it is best to go and negotiate with the debtor.

What to do in this case? I would personally listen to everyone and then decide which way to act. But how to do it? Call everyone on the list? Go to all offices?
And here again I “advertise” the mobile application «” CONSULTANT “. Because in it YOU described your problem, and all lawyers and lawyers from all over Ukraine, because “CONSULTANT” is integrated into the register of lawyers and sends your problem at the touch of a button in the application to everyone who is in this register. It also solves the problem if you need a lawyer in Kharkiv, a lawyer in Odessa, a lawyer from Lviv, a lawyer in Dnipro and so on…. Or you were driving and there was an accident on the road, then you will be approached by a local lawyer who is closest to you.

? “CONSULTANT” gives people the opportunity to choose the best lawyer or lawyer in the right place at the right time and most importantly, at the best price.

In addition, if the advice of a lawyer is not so bad in Ukraine, there are a number of services in Google that offer to consult a lawyer, for example, to get advice from a notary or get advice from an accountant is more difficult. And if we talk about consulting a private contractor – it’s generally difficult, because there are only a few sites that belong to specific private performers, but there is no automated resource that would form a rating of these specialists, where you could read reviews about the specialist and so on…

Similarly, if you need a consultation with a notary, consultation with an arbitration manager, consultation with a liquidator, consultation with a patent attorney (especially for patenting an idea), consultation with a customs broker (relevant – in case you do not know how to clear the car). What is also very important is to get advice and help directly, without intermediaries!

And we give such an opportunity – just download the mobile application ? “CONSULTANT”.

❗Important❗ I, Andriy Prykhodko, and I am personally responsible to everyone who downloaded the application, I am responsible for the quality of consultations (in case of a substantiated complaint we immediately remove unqualified specialists and block access), in addition – if you are not satisfied with the consultation – I personally guarantee that the money will be returned to you in minutes.

Therefore, I use “CONSULTANT” when there is a question in which I am not an expert and do not understand and recommend everyone to download. It is free! Pay only when you deem it necessary.

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