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Prikhodko Andrey

Managing partner

Lawyer, Doctor of Laws, recognized media expert on legal issues, legal adviser to famous politicians and businessmen.

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Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm professionally scales its business to Europe and other most developed countries in the world, as well as provides a full range of migration services in these countries.

Why is this relevant today?

  • You will be able to sell your goods or services abroad at a much higher price, in euros or dollars, while spending money here in UAH. The margin of such a business will immediately grow many times over.
  • Having an officially registered business in Europe or other developed countries allows you to get loans for less than 1 percent. Which makes it possible to finance the business process much more profitably.
  • Business insurance in Europe for millions of euros. Obtaining a European residence permit or citizenship, which expands the possibilities for a full-fledged stay abroad or just traveling.

Now why do you need to contact us?

Well, the main thing is that we are a reliable company that has a reputation and values ​​it. And I personally guarantee the quality of services, and in case of dissatisfaction return the money. We implement a comprehensive approach where you can cover all your needs. We have the right lawyers, accountants, marketers. We provide complete logistics (rail or road transport) of your assets and staff. In addition, we have offices in almost all major cities in Europe, where they are located you can see on the site. Well, we have ensured that each of our offices has specialists who communicate in a language you understand, so that there are no barriers to communication.

Today we need to find new opportunities and move forward. My company will help you with this. Make an appointment for a consultation, I will be glad to meet you in person.

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