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Automatic land rights when buying a house. What is worth knowing?

MPs voted for a law on automatic land rights when buying a house. From now on, the owner of the building on which it is located will automatically receive the rights to the land plot.

The Verkhovna Rada passed a law according to which, when buying a house, its owner automatically acquires the right to the land on which it is located. 297 people’s deputies voted for the bill №0850.

The document has been under consideration by parliament since 2015.

The law sets deadlines for the buyer to apply to the owner of the land with a proposal to transfer to him the relevant land (10 days from the date of state registration of ownership of real estate), as well as deadlines for termination of the previous and new contract with the owner of such land. plots (no later than 30 days from the date of state registration of ownership of real estate).

The authors of the bill note that the registration of the right to land is a necessary condition for construction.
thus, if the object of unfinished construction was transferred to another person (sold, inherited, etc.), then without re-registration of land rights (including lease rights), the construction will be illegal.

We will remind, the Cabinet of Ministers simplified registration of the land plots. Officials have passed a resolution allowing the decision to register a land plot to any state cadastral registrar selected at random by the State Land Cadastre system.

The start of the pilot project on the introduction of the principle of extraterritoriality in the state registration of land plots, which will last 2 years, is scheduled for June 10.

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