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2 leaves of fall 2019, having typed in honor the Law of Ukraine “On the introduction of amendments to the acts of legislation of Ukraine for the protection of the right of power” dated 03.10.2019 (nadal – the Law), in which the suttuvi was transferred to the order of the state restructuring of this brute.

But the order of the sovereign business reorganization itself changed:

1. Provision is made for the principle of exteritoriality for the sovereign re-establishment of physical entities. It is possible to register a physical person-pedagogue (FOP) with any sovereign rector in the boundaries of Ukraine, as a matter of living of a physical individual. Legal persons and huge formulations, who do not deny the status of a legal individual, such a possibility is given if only the restoration of documents submitted in electronic form has been submitted. At the time of the state restructuring of a legal individual, there is a huge formulation on the documents submitted in the paper form, restructuring actions can be less than for all the situations found by the people, but at the boundaries of the most popular countries.

2. Transferred one hour of notarial dedication to the law about the allotment of corporate rights and the sovereign reorganization of changes to the notice of a legal person to be reclaimed in a single sovereign register. The law of transferring, that the state re-establishment of changes to the information about a legal person, that the right to take revenge in the single state register, is given the right to send a (folded) capital of a legal entity, and is carried out without a notary, which is imposed on the basis of a notary. Carrying out of the notarial activity by one notary of the state re-establishment of changes before the information about the legal person by the second notary shall be allowed only due to the obviousness of more important reasons and for the reason of the preliminary Ukrainian letter of information about the history of the youth. Takozh zaluchennya іnshogo notarіusu for vchinennya reєstratsіynih Act reasonably dopuskaєtsya in razі smertі notarіusa, yaky seized of notarіalnu dіyu, announced Yogo died chi bezvіsno vіdsutnіm, Yakscho notarіus pitched for Health Protection is not Mauger vchiniti reєstratsіynі dії, pripinennya abo zupinennya dіyalnostі notarіusa, nemozhlivostі dotrimannya vstanovlenogo line zdіysnennya reєstratsіynoї dії.

At the same time, the transfer to the notary of the announcement about the state re-establishment of changes before the announcement of the legal person, please ask for the help of the program information of the one sovereign register of the Ministry of Justice.
3. Established an obov’yazkovu letter form for an agreement on the allotment of corporate rights. Subject to the Law, the agreement on the allocation of land, the subject of which є part (її part) at the statutory (folded) capital of the partnership, is settled in letters form.

4. Notarially certified documents, on the premises of which the state restoration is carried out, they are declared on special forms of notarial documents.

Z 02 leaf fall 2019 on special forms of notarial documents to be declared in case of notarial certification:
1) the decision to the governing body of a legal entity, to submit for the state registration of changes;
2) transfer act;
3) rozpodilchiy balance.

Besides, it is necessary to make sure that the registration of special forms of notarial documents is required for issuing such documents as TOV and TDV:
1) the decision of the out-of-town collection of participants about the designation of the size of the statutory capital and the size of the part of the participants;
2) the decision of the out-of-town gatherings of the participants about the participation of the participant from the partnership;
3) declare about joining before the partnership;
4) declare about the withdrawal from the partnership;
5) the act of receiving-transfer of the piece (part of the piece) from the statutory capital of the partnership.

Notarial confirmation of the registration of special forms of notarial documents.

5. It is planned to implement the mechanism of automatic notification about the establishment of a legal entity of the restoration of the project.

The law transferring the right of participants to a legal entity on a free-of-charge basis in real-time mode, remove information about the fact of submission of any documents for the restoration of such a legal entity.

6. Transfer of the automatic monitoring of the critical restoration activities. The law of transferring the health of the automatic monitoring of the management activities.

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