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Advocate’s advice on administrative corruption offenses! How to fill in the declaration correctly?

In the first 6 months of this year, 2018 persons were entered into the Unified State Register of Persons Who Have Committed Corruption or Corruption-Related Offenses.
This was reported by the NAPC press service.
All data of persons are entered into the register after a court decision and bringing them to justice (imposition of fines, imprisonment, etc.).
Of them:
? – 429 people committed criminal offenses;
? – 1532 brought to administrative responsibility;
? – 57 people were brought to disciplinary responsibility.
Employees (former employees) of the State Penitentiary Service (DKVS) and the National Police are most often included in the register.
Thus, 102 employees of the State Penitentiary Service were included in the Register of Corruptors:
– 2 employees were prosecuted.
Both – for accepting an offer, promise or receiving an illegal benefit by an official.

☝Now on administrative liability

99 people were prosecuted for late submission of the declaration for 2018.
in particular:
? – 35 people – for late submission of the declaration after dismissal;
? – 48 people – for late submission of the declaration before dismissal;
? – 8 people – for late submission of the declaration for the previous year and the declaration before dismissal.

? What are the possible consequences for the person against whom an administrative report has been drawn up?

I will not focus on administrative liability, there the fine as such is insignificant and it is not the main threat of administrative liability.

Article 19 of the Law of Ukraine “On Civil Service”, namely the second part of this article, states that a person who has been subject to an administrative penalty for an offense related to corruption may not enter the civil service within three years from the date of recruitment. by a court decision of legal force.

Article 84 of the same Law states that the grounds for termination of civil service in connection with the loss of the right to civil service or its restriction are, in particular, the entry into force of a court decision to bring a civil servant to administrative responsibility for corruption. offenses punishable by deprivation of the right to hold certain positions or engage in certain activities related to the performance of state or local government functions

Removal of a civil servant from the performance of official duties in case of committing a corruption offense is carried out in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Prevention of Corruption”. A person in respect of whom a report on an administrative offense related to corruption has been drawn up, unless otherwise provided by the Constitution and laws of Ukraine, may be suspended from office by the decision of the head of the body (institution, enterprise, organization) in which he works. completion of court proceedings.

The head of the civil service, who in the manner prescribed by this Law did not take measures to bring his civil servant to disciplinary responsibility for a disciplinary offense, as well as did not submit materials on the commission of an administrative offense, corruption or corruption-related offense, criminal offense to the body authorized to consider cases of such offenses, is liable in accordance with the law.

✍ How to fill in and submit the declaration correctly to avoid liability?

In fact, the question is not simple: because, the NAPC regularly changes the rules of declaration. The norms defined by the Law of Ukraine “On Prevention of Corruption” do not cover many aspects and there is no official comment.

This leads to the fact that the same situations can be declared differently. I will give only one example. The official’s wife acquired the business – namely the corporate rights of the company.

One simple action requires a complex declaration.
It is necessary to find out the legal relationship with the wife in order to understand whether this transaction is to be reflected.
Significant changes in property status must be submitted.
You need to fill in the section “Corporate Rights”.
You need to fill in the “Agreements” section.
You need to fill in the “Expenses” section.
You need to make changes to the section “Cash” or “Funds in accounts”.

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