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Adoption of a child in Ukraine. Fears, stereotypes, difficulties …


Why are our citizens so afraid to adopt orphans? After all, giving a family to a child who once lost it, or who did not have it at all, isn’t it the best gift in the world? How many little children are praying at the window so that one day “mommy will come” and take him to a warm house. And how many grow up, forever burying their dream and not knowing the warmth of the family hearth. At the same time, surrogacy and artificial insemination clinics are gaining popularity, people spend a lot of money on this and go through very complex legal procedures. At the same time, most of the interviewed citizens cite the complexity of the procedure and financial instability as the main reasons for refusing to adopt. In fact, the legal procedure for adoption is not as complicated as it sounds. Regarding documents, this is a standard list, the receipt of which does not cause any difficulties. You can collect it yourself, or use the help of a lawyer. In this case, collecting documents and going through certain bureaucratic processes are worth becoming parents and giving a happy childhood and destiny to those who so dreamed of them.


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