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Accounting outsourcing. What are the advantages of outsourced accounting?

Why is accounting outsourcing profitable?
At least once every 3 months, many entrepreneurs have to become accountants in order to pay taxes.

? As entrepreneurs usually do who want to save money:
– all reports are filled in by themselves, manually;
– reports are submitted through online accounting;
– one-time seek advice from a friend of the accountant.

Government reporting forms change frequently. Filling them out manually, you can easily get confused and upload an outdated document that will not be accepted by the tax authorities or worse – get a fine.

Online accounting is an unreliable service that does not take into account the nuances of your business (for example, you work on different systems) and taxes may be calculated incorrectly due to the use of outdated standards, rates, bases, etc. Moreover, the online service does not bear any responsibility and you pay the fines yourself.

Therefore, in such a situation, your business is not insured against the fact that the declarations are filled in incorrectly and taxes were paid in the wrong amount or to the wrong account.

Last year, due to the crisis, the smartest people immediately realized that it was time to optimize their business. One proven optimization technique is to delegate accounting and tax issues to qualified professionals. The remaining time can be spent usefully and put other parts of the business in order.

What are the advantages of outsourced accounting?

– Remote work

This trend is also a vital necessity in modern realities. The specificity of accounting outsourcing is the ability to work remotely and interact with clients remotely (by mail, through instant messengers, online meetings, etc.) and this does not require binding to the office.

– Cost savings

There is no payment to the budget of salary accruals in the amount of more than 40%. There is no need to equip workplaces for accountants, train them.

– Human factor

There are no problems related to the human factor of employees (the accountant disappeared before the reporting period, got sick, went on vacation, constantly asked for time off, left the workplace under the pretext of submitting reports, go to the post office, the accountant was not qualified – he does not know the answers to most of your questions).

– Risks

Reduce financial risks, minimize management and financial costs.

– Working with professionals

Outsourcing accounting companies always hold advanced training courses, experts follow all the innovations. Because the presence of professionals determines the competitiveness of the company.

– Tax optimization

You will always be prompted by opportunities, where and on what you can save money, optimize taxes in a legal way.

– Accounting is ok

You can restore accounting for any period of activity.

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