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Ukrainian Finals — Innovating Justice Challenge 2020

 In previous articles, we wrote that the CONSULTANT project has reached the finals – Innovating Justice Challenge 2020.

 Legal tech in Ukrainian ー is to get a solution to a legal problem from a bot, make a lawsuit in 5 minutes, hold a meeting of participants of the company by video link or check the status of the construction object in one click. All this will be at the online final of the HiiL Innovating Justice Challenge, which will take place on October 15, 2020 at 16:00.

About the competition

 For the fifth year in a row, Ukrainian projects have joined the international competition for innovations in the field of law. It promotes the development of socially useful projects in the field of law and justice, which make life easier for citizens, small and medium-sized businesses.


 Here are 9 teams of top innovators: iVan, AGREED, zayava.online, PravoMen, Alimony Online, Lawyerd !, UrbanData, CONSULTANT, Tabula.

 After the event, the HiiL team from The Hague and Kyiv will select two winning teams that will receive invitations to a global acceleration program and grants of up to € 30,000 each.



 Andriy Prikhodko ー CEO

 Dmitry Luzanov ー IT and a team of marketers, lawyers, accountants and other specialists of the law firm “Prikhodko & Partners” 

About product:

 CONSULTANT (https://consultant.net.ua/) is a marketplace that allows everyone, through a mobile application, to get a quick, complete and affordable consultation from everyone in Ukraine: lawyers, auditors, notaries, private executors, arbitration managers , patent attorneys, customs brokers. Also choose from among the best specialists the right specialist, in the right place, at the right time and at the best price.

Why did you start a startup?

 “Once I called a taxi through Uber and thought: why is it so easy to call a taxi, and to get a consultation or other legal service is so difficult and expensive? Almost any, our problem (credit, home purchase, divorce, alimony, accidents, bad neighbors, utility bills) has a legal solution, you just need to have a handy tool like Uber, which will allow you to quickly get advice and a professional, if necessary. That’s how CONSULTANT ー online legal and accounting consulting service was created. ”

 Download our CONSULTANT mobile app on the App Store and Google Play!

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