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Protection against raiding

Between legal registration and raiding in Ukraine today is a fine line. The legislation does not contain the duty of state registrars to establish the authenticity of documents submitted for registration, and the registrar is not able to visually establish the authenticity or forgery of documents submitted for state registration. And the compulsory certification of signatures is easily forged today. The presence of these and other factors leads to frequent cases of seizure of enterprises and real estate by raiding.

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17.06.2017 the seminar organized by the Council of Advocates of the Rivne region on the topic «Features of the consideration of cases on the right of ownership and the recognition of transactions as invalid. Legal regulation of the activity of state registrars».

The seminar was held:

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Galina Yurovskaya – Deputy Head of Training Department of the National School of Judges of Ukraine, Judge of the Supreme Special Court of Ukraine for Civil and Criminal Cases in Resignation, Candidate of Legal Sciences;

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Elena Medvedyuk – head of the department for interaction with subjects of state registration and advanced training of state registrations of the State Registration Department of the Main Territorial Department of Justice in the Rivne region.



Managing Partner of PRIKHODKO & PARTNERS Prikhodko Andrey Anatolievich – who is an expert in the sphere of official and corruption crimes and Anatoly A. Perepelchenko is an expert in the field of state registration of the rights, legal entities and individuals of entrepreneurs who took part in these events and reflected practical aspects of state registration, issues Criminal liability under articles:


358 Criminal Code of Ukraine «Forging of documents, seals, stamps and forms, their sale, use of forged documents»;
205-1 Criminal Code of Ukraine «Forgery of documents submitted for state registration of a legal entity and individuals – entrepreneurs»;


364 Criminal Code of Ukraine «Abuse of power or official position»;


365 Criminal Code of Ukraine «Excess of authority or official authority by a law enforcement officer»;


368 Criminal Code of Ukraine «Getting a bribe»;


365-2 Criminal Code of Ukraine «Abuse of authority by persons providing public services».


Also, the issues of restoring the violated rights of victims in the course of civil proceedings were considered, in particular, by recognizing invalid contracts.

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