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PRIKHODKO&PARTNERS took part in a business breakfast ProZorro

On July 25, 2018, the PRIKHODKO & PARTNERS law firm took part in the ProZorro Business Breakfast for suppliers, which was held at Shevchenko Boulevard, 62 on the 4th floor.

The meeting was attended by:

Vasyl Zadvorny – Director General of GC “Prozorto”,

Svetlana Panaiotydi – state commissioner of the Antimonopoly Committee,

Ivan Lakhtionov – coordinator DOZORRO, Transparency International Ukraine.

The start of the event was scheduled for 9.30am. At the beginning, the guests registered and had the opportunity to make free coffee with delicious meals. At 10.00 a business breakfast began and the attendees were able to disassemble the cases that the participants had previously described at the time of registration.

Discriminatory requirements in the tender documentation were discussed, unjustified disqualification of participants and problems faced by suppliers.

Although the end of the business breakfast was at 12.00, however, the lively discussion postponed the regulation at 15.00.

[su_box title=”Summing up the conference, let’s focus on the most important:” style=”soft” box_color=”#f1f1f1″ title_color=”#2290c3″ radius=”2″]

  1. Before submitting proposals, you have the right to ask the customer, or to submit a substantiated claim.
  2. You have the right to appeal to the Permanent Administrative Board of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine for the consideration of complaints about violations of legislation in the field of public procurement, as the tender documentation itself, and to disqualify you as a participant or to challenge the victory of another auction participant.
  3. Unfortunately, there is no mechanism for monitoring the implementation of the decision of the Permanent Administrative Board of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine to consider complaints of violations of legislation in the field of public procurement and the only way out of this situation is to appeal to the State Audit Office of Ukraine, which has the right to verify the entire procurement procedure.


By joint sponsorship of PRIKHODKO&PARTNERS Managing Partner Andriy Prykhodko

and PRIKHODKO&PARTNERS procurement expert Nikolie Sperisenko.

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