LO «PRIKHODKO&PARTNERS» revealed a corruption fact! The criminal proceedings against for officials of KP «Vladimir market» have been started!

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LO «PRIKHODKO&PARTNERS» revealed a corruption fact! The criminal proceedings against for officials of KP «Vladimir market» have been started!

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«07» September 2017 on the electronic platform of the public procurement system «Prozzoro» was an auction for the procurement of legal services for public funds.

According to the information of «Prozzoro», which was placed in the electronic procurement system, the customer, «Vladimirsky market» Utilities, purchased ID UA-2017-08-31-000438-s, the subject of procurement «Legal and attorney services» code CPV DK021: 2015: 79100000 - 5.

By decision №64 of the permanent commission of the KP «Vladimirsky market» on pricing and procurement issues from 12.09.2017, the proposal of the candidate «PRIKHODKO&PARTNERS» was rejected and recognized as the winner of LLC «Law Firm» SHELTI», which is a related person in relation to the Customer and cooperated with the Customer in 2017 (contract No. 10 / 11-1-17 of February 9, 2017).

According to the Law of Ukraine «On Public Procurements» № 922-VIII of December 25, 2015, as amended (hereinafter - the Law), the winner of the auction is the person who declared the lowest (lowest) price.

The customer disqualified the participant of the auction of AB «PRIKHODKO&PARTNERS» without providing explanations, the unclearly submitted documents of the Participant do not meet the qualification requirements, in spite of the fact that the participant provided all necessary documents in accordance with the tender documentation and stated the lowest price offer.

Officials of the municipal enterprise «Vladimirsky market» abusing their official position, clearly understanding the difference between the real cost of providing legal services for this tender and the amount of funds allocated from the state budget of Ukraine, acting by a group of persons in collusion with the Executor, determined by the winner and with whom already existed similar relations, committed embezzlement of public funds through their embezzlement, namely the transfer to third parties to meet their selfish interests heresies.

The amount of damage caused is: 35 900 UAH (amount of funds in accordance with the concluded agreement) - 35 900 UAH Х 12 months = 430 800 UAH.

Possession of budget funds in the amount of 430 800 UAH. happened by abusing the officials of KP «Vladimir market» by their official position, which turns state funds to their own advantage through third parties, namely through LLC «Law Firm» SHELTI», who, in collusion with the management of KP» Vladimir market», were recognized as the winner of tender purchases . In this way, the officials of KP «Vladimir market» took over state funds, in respect of which, by virtue of their position, the officials of KP «Vladimir market» are authorized to manage or administer budget funds through third parties.

Taking into account the above, in the actions of the officials of the Vladimir market, the chairman, deputy and members of the tender committee for electronic procurement UA-2017-08-31-000438-s, to provide legal counseling and legal representation services, the code DK 021: 2015: 79100000-5 and the official who signed the agreement, there are signs of a criminal offense provided for by part 2 of Article 191 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, namely the embezzlement of budgetary funds by the abuse of an official by their official position iem committed in large scale and organized group.

September 14, 2017 on the basis of the above AB «PRIKHODKO&PARTNERS» was sent to the Goloseevskiy police department of the State Unitary Enterprise of the Emergency in Kiev, an application for the commission of a criminal offense provided for in Part 2 of Article 191 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

By order of the Holosiivskyi District Court of the city of Kiev of 10/13/2017, case № 752/19620/17, the court ordered an authorized person of the Holosiivskyi Police Department of the Main Directorate of the National Police in Kiev to add information about the criminal offense to the Unified Register of Pre-trial Investigations at the request of the Law Office «PRIKHODKO&PARTNERS» of 14.09.2017 in respect of the officials of the communal enterprise «Vladimir market» committing them a criminal offense provided for by part 2 of article 191 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine no later than 24 hours after receipt of re eniya.

AB «PRIKHODKO&PARTNERS» is principally in the position of openness and objectivity of tenders, in this connection, maximum efforts will be made to bring to justice the perpetrators of the crime!

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