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Legal Startup Crash Test is a regular meeting for presenting startups and networking.

 This event will also include:

Evgeny Sarantsov, co-founder of RE: ACTOR Open Innovation Platform, about “investment in hypotheses.”

Pitches of three startups:

Gamification Lab – turns complex legal instructions into informative quests and games.

AirLaw.Pro – helps injured passengers to receive due compensation from airlines.

Consultant – qualified consultation from a lawyer and accountant through the application.

 This event will be on November 6, 2019 at 18:30 at the address: Kiev, st. Vladimirskaya, 101.

 Tickets online – 199 UAH., You can buy https://bit.ly/crashtest23.

 Tickets on the spot – 250 UAH.

 Come all, it will be interesting.

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