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Prikhodko Andrey

Managing partner

Lawyer, Doctor of Laws, recognized media expert on legal issues, legal adviser to famous politicians and businessmen.

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Dear customers, colleagues and partners!

Prikhodko&Partners Law Firm has a pleasant opportunity to make the first commemorative mark on its development path – to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the Ukrainian legal services market.

In fact, it’s a lot! Because it was during these five years that radical transformations of the legal sphere took place: active digitalization, introduction of “electronic court”, receipt of a number of services through the state. portal “Action”, highlighting new practices, in particular – IT law, Dew Diligence, Compliance, Forensic. And we managed to powerfully join this stream of innovations and new legal services.

We are successful because we adhere to three principles:

  • work on the result;
  • reputation – the highest value;
  • solving all legal problems of clients in one place – within the walls of our office.

There is an opportunity for the holiday, because during these five years the model of team work has managed to fully justify itself. A strong leader (Andriy Prikhodko) unites the best specialists around him. There are currently about 30 of us, and we can solve almost any problem of a person with the law, or fulfill the request to resolve any legal issue. Opportunities for legal aid go far beyond Ukraine, as we have signed memoranda of cooperation with many successful law firms abroad.

Our pride is our customers. Some of them belong to the VIP category, ie they are people who have weight in politics or business, show business or management. In providing legal support to such individuals, we often deal with complex challenges. However, the successful solution of such problems raises us to a step higher among the top participants in the market of legal services in our country.

After five years, we deserve congratulations because we have become friends and valuable advisers for someone. We protect not just property interests or intellectual property – we protect the safe life and position of our customers in society, peace, confidence, business reputation, honor and dignity.

In their work, our team denies the postulate: “A lawyer cannot guarantee the client a result.” We always work for the result, we look for a way out of the situation in the law, in communication with law enforcement officials, in judicial practice, in the experience of foreign colleagues.

One step ahead is about us. We have been ahead many times in five years. And then – more!

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