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The legal marketplace CONSULTANT continues its volunteer activities - 26 boards in the Kyiv region with a special QR code for free consultations.

CONSULTANT is the best online legal service in Ukraine. Today, more than 11.5 thousand citizens use the CONSULTANT mobile application, we provide more than 100 consultations every day. (https://consultant.net.ua/statti ).

Today, the biggest problem in the field of ensuring the rights and interests, upholding the legal rights of Ukrainians is the low level of legal information on how to act in a problem situation, where to go to protect your rights. Under martial law, the issue of legal education has become more acute for Ukrainians, especially for internally displaced persons. This is due to the dynamic increase in violations of the rights of citizens. This mainly concerns issues: traveling abroad, receiving social benefits for IDPs, compensation for damaged and destroyed property, obtaining the necessary documents, etc. The concept of the project is to provide free consultations and free templates of documents for socially vulnerable groups of the population through the use of the Consultant's Legal Marketplace. This category of the population will be able to get an online consultation, order a service offered by a specialist to solve their problem, and also conveniently control the performance of the service through the application.

The implementation of the project will solve the problem of the low level of legal information of Ukrainians, ensure the observance of their rights, freedoms and interests, protect them from violation by state bodies and other organizations, and allow IDPs to defend their legitimate interests. The population will become more aware of the law and will know who to turn to for legal advice.

Since the sustainable restoration of Ukraine is also based on the principles of the rule of law, humanism and protection of the rights, freedoms and interests of its citizens, our project will contribute to the inviolability of these principles, improve the legal component of the restoration of Ukraine. IDPs are an unprotected segment of the population and today number more than 6 million people, so their protection requires more attention, which will be the focus of our initiative.

A referral system of consultations and template documents, service functionality, advertising promotion of free consultations and documents on various targeted sites for different categories of the population, in particular, vulnerable segments of the population, make us the best lawyers in Ukraine.

«Thanks to the support of our philanthropists, partners and lawyers, we were able to spread our legal volunteer initiative even more.

Today, residents of the Kyiv region will be able to receive 3 high-quality professional legal consultations in the CONSULTANT mobile application, which are paid for by patrons and partners. This is our contribution to the victory and support of the Ukrainians!

- Andrey Prikhodko, lawyer, Doctor of Law, founder of LM CONSULTANT.


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Lawyer, Doctor of Laws, recognized media expert on legal issues, legal adviser to famous politicians and businessmen.

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