Years of service of military personnel

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Years of service of military personnel

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Statutory years of service are a prerequisite for a military serviceman to receive a pension. The amount of pension depends on the amount of service. The lawyers of the “Prikhodko&Partners” law firm are regularly approached by clients with a request for clarification on which pension they can count on in their particular situation.

Military law is one of the key areas of specialization of our legal company, so we are ready to tell you about all the legal norms you need in a consultation format.

We will also provide support during your interaction with authorized state bodies, so that the resolution of pension issues does not take too much time and effort. In the meantime, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with this issue in more detail.

Years of service of military personnel - tablet infoWhat conditions does the law establish for awarding a pension for years of service?

So, you can retire after years of service in two cases:

  • if the term of calendar service is 25 or more years;
  • if, on the day of discharge from service, the soldier has reached the age of 45 and has 25 years of service, of which at least 12 years and 6 months are specifically for service in the armed forces.

The second point concerns the so-called mixed insurance seniority, when the general seniority is combined with the seniority in the force structures. When you are going to draw up a pension for yourself, you should first consult with specialists to take into account everything necessary, and its size really reflected your seniority and experience.

Years of service of military personnel - team informationHow is years of service taken into account?

The following rules apply in this matter:

  • for 25 years of service, a military man receives 50% of his financial support, which he had during the last 24 months of his service, as well as an additional 3% for each subsequent year of service;
  • if we are talking about mixed insurance experience, which has already been mentioned, then the same mechanism for calculating the amount of the pension is provided here, as in the previous case, but for each subsequent year of service there will be an additional 1% instead of 3;
  • when a soldier has 25 years of service and is discharged on health grounds, he is entitled to 55% of the cash benefit and 3% for each additional year.

This is how the pension is calculated for different types of insurance experience and different reasons for dismissal from the force.

Years of service of military personnel - gry 4843

Years of service of military personnel - dollar moneyIs there a maximum pension amount?

Yes, the answer to this question is affirmative. As for the maximum amount of the pension, it is 70% of the monetary security that the military man had during the last 24 months of service. The conditions for those servicemen who were liquidators of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant are somewhat different. For the I category of liquidators, it can be up to 100% of the GZ, and for the II – up to 95%.


Years of service of military personnel - group protectionHow can we be useful?

First of all, our law office is approached for clarification of legal norms in a consultation format. We do not explain them in general terms, but specifically in accordance with each situation. It is also often necessary to defend the rights of pensioners in court when the Pension Fund calculates a smaller pension than is provided for by the current legislation. Such a situation is common, and the cases themselves are winning.

So get in touch, we’ll be more than happy to help. The team of our law office are specialists who are well versed in Ukrainian legislation and understand how to apply it to protect the client’s interests.

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