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Every citizen of Ukraine, regardless of age, must have a stamp in his passport with registration of residence. The same requirement exists in the laws of the European Union, the United States. A person with a mark of registered residence has more opportunities compared to the opposite situation.

 For example, you will be able to register a private entrepreneur, get a registration number of the taxpayer’s account card, issue a passport, the child will be easier to get a job in kindergarten, school, institute. You can open a bank account, buy and register a car.

 An important aspect is that if a citizen has a modern, plastic card instead of a passport, a residence permit is also required. To do this, an official supplement (sheet of paper) with the appropriate mark is issued.

 Residence registration is also extremely important for foreigners. The process takes place in accordance with the norms of Ukrainian legislation, not their citizenship. Thus, a citizen of another state, after receiving a residence permit in Ukraine, is obliged to register his place of residence no later than one month after receiving the residence permit.

 For foreigners applying for a permanent residence permit, we provide immigration and residence permit services, as well as a complete set of required documents.

 Many citizens and foreigners are concerned about what a residence permit provides and what its legal side is. It is quite problematic for a person who does not own a home to register a place of residence without the right of ownership. It is especially difficult to register a person with an owner who does not even know him. But if the owner agrees, the fact of registration will have some features:

  • An owner who has privatized his home and bought it at his own expense has the right to register any person;
  • Citizens who have this residence permit do not have the right to own property;
  • It will be possible to discharge a person (including a foreigner) without his consent only by a court decision;
  • The registered citizen, in accordance with the law, determines the registered place of residence of his child at the place of self-registration without the consent of the owner. It will be problematic to discharge such a child, including a foreigner, as it is necessary to involve a guardianship authority.

 You can get a residence permit in modern conditions only for one day. Therefore, a residence permit is required for the following:

  • for official employment;
  • to obtain a loan from banking institutions;
  • for enrollment in a public school;
  • for car registration;
  • to obtain citizenship;
  • to obtain a residence permit;
  • to obtain a passport at the place of residence;
  • residence permit for migrants;
  • other household opportunities.

 Thus, registration is an important tool not only for citizens of Ukraine but also for foreigners. “Prikhodko & Partners” Law Firm provides a wide range of migration services, please contact us to solve your problem and help.

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