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 The services of family lawyers have their own nuances and characteristics, and each case is inherently unique. A professional lawyer who specializes in family matters will help to resolve critical moments of conflicts and will do everything possible to resolve them without trial.

 If it is impossible to settle issues without a trial, a lawyer will help you to competently draw up documents, build a winning legal position and minimize losses to both parties. A reliable lawyer is interested in the well-being of the client and is focused on long-term cooperation. He will become an effective advisor for you, warn you against rash actions and will be able to provide professional legal assistance in the most difficult issues.

 There are several groups of family affairs.

First group

 Family matters and disputes related to marital relations: the conclusion and dissolution of marriage, the division of jointly acquired property, the recovery of alimony, the determination of the child’s place of residence and the method of participation in the upbringing, deprivation and restoration of parental rights, and the like.

Second group

 Family disputes between relatives, legal relations between children and parents, including property disputes and inheritance.

Third group

 Cases concerning the placement of children and the protection of their rights. This includes adoption, custody and guardianship, foster care, foster families, and orphanages.

 Also, family matters can be divided into groups, depending on the way the issue is resolved: in court or peacefully. The key to a successful solution to the problem in court is a properly built legal position, professional legal training and competently drawn up and prepared documents. And the key to success in peace negotiations is again professional legal training and rich experience in family legal matters.

  What are the risks of running family affairs without legal assistance?

 Despite the fact that the services of a lawyer are not cheap, neglecting legal assistance, a family or its members can lose much more if they fail to build a competent legal position in disputes, for example, lose property and money and not receive an inheritance.

 Ignorance of the legal process threatens with loss of time, nerves and long litigation that can last for years. Ignorance of their rights can lead to deprivation of parental rights, the right to participate in the upbringing of children and separation from them, the right to dispose of their property, loss of reputation and respect.

  What you need to look for when choosing a lawyer?

 The reputation of the lawyer and the company where he works

 This can be checked using the company’s website, social networks, reviews. With the help of a unified register of lawyers, you can check whether he has a valid lawyer’s certificate and its restrictions.

 Narrow specialization

 A lawyer specializing in a specific area of ​​law has more experience in cases than multidisciplinary specialists. Look at the cases in which the lawyer took part, familiarize yourself with his court practice, so you can track the number of successful cases and their complexity.

 Public and scientific activities

 An experienced lawyer working within the framework of the law, as a rule, publishes many specialized articles, comments on legislation and interesting cases. Such information can be found on the Internet and on social networks.

 The quality of the provided legal advice

 Order a written consultation and a legal opinion from a lawyer. By the quality of his preparation and service, one can determine the level of the company and the professionalism of the lawyer as a whole.

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