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Along with the classic ways to get legal advice, such as a meeting or a telephone conversation with a lawyer or a lawyer, there is a more convenient and economical mobile service “Consultant”. You do not need to look for and evaluate the professional abilities of lawyers for consultation and be afraid to waste money, because when working with the Consultant service, you pay for several lawyers to be selected for you at once, to advise you, and only after that you give the funds to the best.

Using the mobile application, you can get legal advice on any issue that interests you.

The work of the service is built on the principle of a marketplace, that is, on the one hand, you, as a client, submit a request for a consultation, and the service provides feedback from active lawyers to your request.

«”Consultant” functions, in fact, as a platform for a meeting between a lawyer and a person in need of legal assistance. However, the marketplace model is not entirely classical, because a person has the opportunity to get advice not from one lawyer, but from several at once, although he pays money only for one consultation.

  • This opportunity exists due to the “best consultation” approach that underlies the service. The essence of the “best advice” is that a person who has received answers to a request from several lawyers independently chooses who advised her best and the corresponding lawyer is credited with a monetary reward, and +1 point is added to the overall rating.
  • Such a system is ideal for both one side and the other. After all, a person can get several points of view from different specialists, and consultants are always motivated to consult a person as fully as possible in order to receive a reward and take the highest position in the ranking, that is, to be ahead of competitors.
  • In addition to the fact that a person receives several answers by paying once, the “Consultant” has other advantages. For example, all consultations are carried out in writing, and at any time after the consultation, you can go to the mobile application and re-read the advice. Thus, you exclude the possibility of forgetting about any important detail.

You can immediately after the consultation order a service from the lawyers who advised you, or simply get access to the contacts of a specialist and contact him for further cooperation. Also, the “Consultant” service will protect you from impostors and incompetent persons, because all specialists consulting on the service undergo verification during registration, and also confirm their competence in the field of law (usually by adding a diploma or lawyer’s certificates, which are checked by the service administrator). Moreover, until the best consultation (the best consultant) is selected, the client’s funds are stored by the Consultant service as a guarantor of the transaction and are paid to the lawyer only after confirmation by the client.

Download the mobile application “Consultant” and always be in touch with the necessary specialists and remember that a lawyer is always there (in your smartphone).

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