What to do when raiding? Defense of a lawyer in case of raiding of a business

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What to do when raiding? Defense of a lawyer in case of raiding of a business

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The rapid development of the business sphere in Ukraine is accompanied by such negative phenomena as unfair competition, which can manifest itself in the form of raiding. The regularity in this phenomenon is quite clear: business, especially if it is successful, will always attract criminal groups. The main purpose of raiding is to seize valuable assets, objects of intellectual property, other real estate of the firm/company or it as a whole. Defense of a lawyer in case of raiding of a business is one of the areas of professional activity of the lawyers of our law firm Prykhodko and Partners.

Raiding: features of the offense

Raiding belongs to illegal, illegal activities. At the same time, this offense is the most popular and most effective method of fraud, which involves artificially creating various problematic situations in literally all areas. As a result, the management/enterprise is unable to cope with the created problem situations. In most cases, this can lead to the usurpation of business by representatives of raider groups.

Of course, raiding schemes can be very diverse. As for the most common of them, it is the force capture of private business. This variant of the raider scheme is based on falsified documents that clearly indicate a change in ownership of a private firm. Among the raiders are private organizations that specialize in providing security services.

There are no defined official classifiers of raiding raids in Ukraine. However, all raiding offenses can be divided into the following groups:

  • Semi-legal, so-called “white raiding”.

The methods used by the raiders in this case do not go beyond the current Ukrainian legislation. Enterprises that have certain problems with finances are most often faced with white raiding. This type of raiding can be effectively fought with the help of administrative or judicial authorities.

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  • “Grey” raiding.

It is a mistake to consider this variant of raiding as legal. However, at its core is a fraudulent scheme thought out to the smallest detail. This variant of raiding has acquired the greatest violation in Ukraine.

It is “gray” raiding in Ukraine that has become the most widespread, since the determination of the raiders’ scheme of action turns out to be extremely difficult. It is in such cases that legal protection of a business against raiding is important.

  • “Black” raiding.

This variant of raiding involves a gross violation of the current legislation. Among the most common fraudulent methods of “black” raiding: blackmail, forgery of documents, bribery, extortion.

Depending on what type of raiding is used, appropriate methods are selected.

The effectiveness of the involvement of a lawyer in the protection against a raider seizure of a business

It is quite problematic to independently protect one’s own rights in an attempt to raid a business. Only professional lawyers are able to build the right defense strategy. Prykhodko and Partners specialists will be able to help with this. We will develop an effective algorithm of actions that will protect you from a raider taking over your business. The main goal is to return lost items of valuable property, real estate, corporate rights, etc., as well as to bring to justice all persons involved in raiding attacks.

What to do when raiding? Defense of a lawyer in case of raiding of a business - urb 9479

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