Фото: What to do if wages are not paid in full?

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What to do if wages are not paid in full?

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Faced with non-payment or delayed wages? Don't know how to act in this situation? Contact the lawyers of our company, and we will help you protect your rights and interests.

What is the employee entitled to?

According to the Labor Code of Ukraine, an employee has the right to:

  • Timely and full payment of wages.
  • Compensation for delayed payment of wages in the amount of at least 100% of the amount of the delay.
  • Appeal to the bodies of state supervision over compliance with labor legislation (State Labor) or to the court with a claim for collection of salary arrears.

Peaceful settlement of the issue if the salary has not been paid in full: steps and why it is better to contact a lawyer

  1. Make a written claim to the employer demanding payment of salary arrears. In the claim, indicate the amount of the debt, the date from which it arose and supporting documents (for example, copies of payment information).
  2. Send the claim to the employer by registered mail with return receipt requested.
  3. If the employer does not satisfy your claim within 30 days, you have the right to appeal to the State Labor Office or to the court.

Consult a lawyer

Self-resolving the issue of non-payment of wages can be difficult and risky. A lawyer will help you:

  1. Drafting a competent and legally justified claim to the employer. This will help you clearly formulate your claims and support them with evidence, which will significantly increase the chances of a successful resolution of the problem.
  2. Gather the necessary evidence. The evidence base in cases of non-payment of wages may include:
  • Copies of the employment contract and the hiring order.
  • Payment information, where the amounts of paid and unpaid wages are recorded.
  • Certificates from the bank about crediting funds to your account.
  • Testimony of colleagues who can confirm the fact that the employer has not fulfilled its obligations.
  • Other documents relevant to the case.
  1. Representation of your interests in State Labor authorities and in court. A lawyer will know how to properly conduct a dialogue with representatives of state bodies and judges, and will also be able to convey your position clearly and convincingly.
  2. Achieving recovery of arrears of wages, penalties and moral damages. In addition to the payment of the owed salary, you have the right to receive a penalty for the delay in payment and compensation for non-pecuniary damage caused to you by the employer. A lawyer will help you calculate the amount of these payments and achieve their recovery from the employer.

How can a lawyer help in court if amicable settlement did not help?

Expert from our company "Prykhodko and Partners":

  1. He will analyze your case in detail, study all the circumstances of non-payment of salary, collect the necessary documents and evidence.
  2. Will prepare a competent statement of claim to the court so that you have maximum opportunities to protect your rights.
  3. Will be your representative in court on your behalf, represent your interests and defend your position.
  4. If the court makes a decision not in your favor, a lawyer can appeal it and achieve justice.

Contact the experts of our company now, and we will help you protect your rights and obtain payment of owed wages.

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Lawyer, specializing in real estate, corporate, financial, tax, civil and contract law, as well as litigation.

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