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Despite the poor condition of the roads, and the fact that car owners often get into accidents because of their poor condition, not everyone files lawsuits. And in vain, because the practice is increasingly in favor of drivers, and organizations that serve them, pay thousands of hryvnia. For example, in Rivne region, the court fully satisfied the driver’s claims and collected UAH 762,306. property damage from organizations that serviced the roads.

To receive compensation, it is necessary that the accident occurred precisely because of the unsatisfactory condition of the roads, and not through the fault of the driver.

To do this, follow the following algorithm:

Call the police to the scene, find witnesses, if any, take their phones.

Mandatory photo and video recording of the accident site, the condition of the car and the condition of the road surface. It is desirable to indicate in the report whether there were road signs that would warn drivers of these discrepancies and impose speed limits. It is desirable that the protocol indicates the size of the pit, lighting, condition of the road surface (dry or wet), all these details will be important for a positive decision on compensation for property damage.

Find out who is servicing the road. This can be both the road service and organizations that provide road maintenance on a contractual basis. These organizations will be the defendants in your claim for compensation for property damage. It is also necessary to turn to experts who will make conclusions about the condition of the road surface and the condition of the vehicle that was involved in the accident. It is the expert who will determine whether the road surface complies with the standards (for example, the maximum depth of potholes should not exceed 4 cm for roads of I-III categories).

Lawyers of Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm will help you to file a lawsuit for compensation for property damage.

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