What to do if a soldier is captured?

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What to do if a soldier is captured?

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It is no secret that any war is accompanied by such a negative phenomenon as capture. This topic has become relevant for Ukraine since 2014. With the beginning of a full-scale invasion, its relevance increased even more. It is worth noting that criminal proceedings are initiated by pre-trial investigation bodies for each case of disappearance or capture. The first thing that will need to be done is to prepare a statement about the disappearance of a serviceman. Our lawyers - Prykhodko and Partners specialists will help you with this.

Algorithm of actions when a soldier is captured

As in the whole world, a number of organizations operate in Ukraine, which are engaged in searching for prisoners, as well as providing information to loved ones and relatives about actions to be taken when a soldier is captured. However, before making a request to the representatives of any organization, you should prepare complete information about the identity of the serviceman who was captured. The main thing you should provide:

  • Passport data, TIN.
  • Military ticket number.
  • Military rank.
  • Military unit number.
  • Information about siblings (if available).
  • The last place of deployment.
  • Indication of the date when the serviceman was last contacted.

Important: the more specific information you can collect, the more chances you have of successfully finding a military serviceman. What is the next step? It is necessary to contact the authorities that are engaged in the search for military personnel who are in captivity. In such cases, it is best to prepare an appeal to state authorities. You will be provided with a corresponding confirmation of the appeal to the authorities. It is better to use the services of professional lawyers for the correct registration and subsequent submission of the application. The specialists of Prykhodko and Partners have the necessary experience to prepare the relevant documents.

Thus, writing a statement is task #1 when searching for a missing serviceman. However, as practice shows, the return from captivity can take more than one month.

How to issue financial assistance to the relatives of a military serviceman?

It is worth noting that all servicemen who were captured retain their official salaries, including allowances and additional payments. However, military relatives do not always pay attention to this. According to the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers, military families have a legal right to monthly payments. Their payment terms and amounts are established by current legislation.

To receive cash payments, you must write an application and attach the relevant documents to it: copies of the passport and TIN of all family members; certificate of residence registration; if available, copies of marriage and birth certificates. The collected documents are submitted to the commander of the military unit.

Списання з військової служби

No more than 15 days are allotted for making a decision. If a positive decision is made, the serviceman's family will receive benefits. However, there are certain nuances. In order to receive financial support, it is necessary to obtain official confirmation that the soldier is really in captivity. In addition, representatives of the Security Service of Ukraine provide a certificate on assigning the status of "prisoner of war" to a person. It will be necessary to spend time collecting the necessary documents and processing the payment. That is why it is better to entrust this matter to professional lawyers. Our specialists are ready to provide you with qualified legal assistance.

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