What is the term of copyright in Ukraine?

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What is the term of copyright in Ukraine?

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Will you always be listed as the author of a certain work? Or not? Let’s look at it in more detail. The essence of copyright is a whole set of rights of the author, which can be divided into non-property and property rights. The specifics of its validity period depend on the specific type of law.


The author’s non-property rights include:

  • the right to mention the author’s name in the original work and copies, and with each use of the work (if practical);
  • the right to prohibit mentioning the author’s name during the use of the work, when the author wishes to remain anonymous;
  • the author’s use of a pseudonym and the requirement to mention the pseudonym in case of use of the work;
  • the right to demand to keep the work intact, to eliminate possible distortions, misinterpretations or other changes to the work, including the addition of images, comments, introductions, interventions, etc., in the absence of the author’s consent;
  • the right to name one’s work in a certain way, or to avoid the name;
  • the right to dedicate the work.

Personal non-property rights cannot be transferred to other persons, they belong only to the creator.

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Property rights include:

  • the right to use the work;
  • the right to allow or prohibit the use of the work by other persons, etc.

Property rights can be transferred (alienated) in favor of other persons, after which these persons acquire the status of subjects of copyright.


What are the specific terms:

  • Copyright lasts for the lifetime of the author and continues for 70 years after his death.
  • If the work is published in certain parts, in this case, the term of copyright begins to count for each part separately.
  • If several authors publish a work (co-authorship), the copyright will last for the lifetime of each of the co-authors and will continue for 70 years after the death of the last of the several authors.
  • If the author has been rehabilitated after death, the copyright will last 70 years from the date of such rehabilitation.
  • If the work is published within 30 years from the date of the author’s death, the copyright will be preserved for 70 years from the date of such publication.

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Terms for non-property rights of copyright

Along with the property right, there is a creator’s non-property right to the result of his creative work. And such rights cannot have any time limits.

The author will forever remain the father of his creation: Beethoven will always remain the author of the “Moonlight Sonata”, Einstein – the theory of relativity, Mendeleev – the table of chemical elements, and Morse – the telegraphic alphabet.

Therefore, the author has a set of personal non-property rights that are inseparable and cannot be alienated from their creator due to their nature, and property rights that can be separated from the creator (transferred to another person).

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