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What is the technical passport and how to get it?

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Technical passport – an information document that contains information about the real estate object, in particular, the location of the real estate object (address), composition, technical characteristics, plan and description of the object, name/designation of the owner/customer, information on ownership of the real estate object, in relation to the business entity that produced the technical passport.

The technical passport is one of those documents that are used during registration, change of ownership of a real estate object, in case of commissioning of an object that has been completed or is being prepared for commissioning, etc.

If you want to carry out a technical inventory and (or) make a technical passport, you should provide approximately the following documents:

  • copies of the passport and registration number of the taxpayer;
  • documents on the right of ownership of the land plot (in the case of the production of a technical passport for a private residential house or garden house)
  • documents certifying ownership of the real estate object (for example, a sales contract);
  • old technical passport

The list of documents above is not final and may be changed in individual cases.

What is the BTI passport?

Although the BTI passport is not a legal document, it is one of the important documents in the event of a change of ownership (purchase, sale, gift, exchange, inheritance) - the technical passport is provided to a notary for the execution of the relevant agreement; Registration of the property right to the object - during the privatization procedure, in case of inheritance, according to a court decision, etc.

This document contains information about the technical characteristics of the real estate object and displays the technical condition of the building, apartment, office space, etc.

The owner of the facility - a natural or legal entity - can order a passport. If the owner does not have the opportunity to personally participate in the preparation of the documentation, then this can be done by his representative based on the previously issued power of attorney.

In order to obtain a technical passport of a real estate object, you need to apply to our company. After that, the specialists who arrived at the facility will study the technical and legal documents, carry out the necessary measurements and other actions specified in the BTI instructions.

The results of the survey, measurements and calculations of the area of the property are entered into the approved form. Obtaining a passport is possible only after the inventory.

The term for the production of a BTI passport in our company is from 1 to 7 days.

If you have any questions or need to issue a technical passport, leave a request for consultation and production of a technical passport, BTI passport for your house or apartment in the form below!

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