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What is the conclusion of the LKK on continuous care

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In the modern world, the health and well-being of every person is the priority goal of the medical system. In cases where a person is faced with a serious illness, injury, or disability, outside care may become necessary.

The conclusion of the medical advisory commission on the need for permanent outside care plays an important role in ensuring proper care and support for such persons.

In this article, we will consider what exactly this conclusion means and how it is formed.

Essence and purpose

The conclusion of the medical commission on the need for permanent external care is a document issued by medical specialists for the purpose of determining the need for permanent supervision and assistance for patients.

This document becomes the basis for the further provision of social services to persons with disabilities, the elderly, patients with complex chronic diseases, or those who have experienced serious injuries, care for them by relatives on a non-professional basis or obtaining an Act establishing the fact of care.

First of all, when applying for the specified conclusion, it is worth knowing which regulatory act provides for this procedure — Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine dated 09.03.2021 No. 407 "On approval of the forms of primary accounting documentation and instructions for their filling, which are used in healthcare institutions”.

This document stipulates that people with cognitive impairments, as well as in the case of impossibility of independent movement and self-care, can receive a conclusion of the LCC on the need for constant care.

The main elements of the conclusion of the LKK on the need for constant care include

  • Diagnosis and state of health: the conclusion should reflect the patient's diagnosis and describe his state of health, including any chronic diseases, injuries, mental disorders or other medical conditions that require attention;
  • Functionality of the patient: should assess the functional capabilities of the patient, including his ability to self-care, motor activity, ability to communicate, perceive and react to the environment;
  • Dependence on assistance: the conclusion should determine how dependent the patient is on assistance with daily activities such as feeding, bathing, dressing, treatment, and other needs.
  • Temporal aspect: the opinion may include information on whether continuous care is required 24 hours a day or only during certain hours or situations;
  • Recommendations and justification: the opinion should contain recommendations about the type of care that the patient needs, as well as the justification of these recommendations based on medical data and observations
  • Signatures and seals: the conclusion is signed by the members of the medical commission, with the date of issue inserted, after which it is certified by the seal of the health care institution.

Thus, the conclusion of the LCC on the need for constant care is an important tool for providing people with the necessary care and support. It can influence the appointment of medical and social services, as well as decision-making about insurance, and provision of social benefits for patients and their families.

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