What is a warrant for an apartment and how to get it?

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What is a warrant for an apartment and how to get it?

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A warrant for an apartment is a document-a permit for moving into a real estate object of the state's housing fund. The rules for obtaining a warrant are contained in Resolution No. 470-84-p. In particular, the Rules state that issuing a warrant is possible only for a vacant apartment or house. In this article, our specialists - lawyers Prykhodko and Partners will tell in detail what a warrant for an apartment is and how to get it.

Conditions for obtaining a warrant for an apartment

Let's start with what a warrant is. To begin with, we note that the official term "warrant" does not exist. The generally accepted definition of this concept is as follows: a warrant is an individual document that establishes the right to use a real estate object. This document is issued by executive bodies of local authorities. A warrant is the only legal basis for moving a citizen and his family into a public or state housing fund.

A warrant for a house or apartment can be obtained by citizens who need to improve living conditions. What should be the first step to obtain a warrant? First of all, you need to get registered with the apartment. In order to obtain this title document, the following grounds must be present (they are presented in more detail in Article 34 of the Housing Code of Ukraine):

  1. The living space of a person is significantly less than the norms established by the current legislation.
  2. Housing does not meet valid technical and sanitary specifications.
  3. Living in a dormitory/rented apartment.
  4. The presence of a person with a chronic disease, due to which he cannot live in the same apartment with other family members.

Each of the points mentioned above is a basis for the opportunity to enter the apartment register. To do this, you need to submit an application to the Center for the provision of administrative services.

Among the documents you will need:

  • Technical passport.
  • Form 3.
  • Act of survey of living conditions.
  • Copies of passports of all residents in the premises.
  • References from the place of work of all potential tenants.

Lawyers Prykhodko and Partners will help you prepare an application and other necessary documents for obtaining a warrant for an apartment. The authorized bodies have 30 calendar days to make a relevant decision.

Please note: the order is personalized. This means that it cannot be transferred to third parties. In the process of moving into the living space that was provided to the citizen, the received warrant is given to the housing and operating organization. If there is no such organization, the warrant must be transferred to the relevant institution or organization. This is a special reporting document.

There are certain cases in which the warrant may be declared invalid. We are talking about illegal actions of the persons who received this document. If this fact is proven, the persons are subject to eviction. In the future, no other living space will be provided.

Services of professional lawyers for obtaining a warrant for an apartment

The services of lawyers Prykhodko and Partners for obtaining a warrant include:

  • Providing consultations.
  • Analysis and clarification of a specific situation.
  • Protection of clients' interests at the stage of pre-trial settlement of housing disputes.
  • Preparation of complaints, lawsuits, petitions, requests.
  • Protection of the client's interests at all stages that accompany the receipt of the order.

The key to our long-term success is an individual approach to each case. We specialize in solving even the most complex issues. Lawyers Prykhodko and Partners will help you get a warrant for an apartment as quickly as possible.

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