Фото: What grounds are necessary for bringing a person to criminal responsibility?

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What grounds are necessary for bringing a person to criminal responsibility?

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The Criminal Law of Ukraine is reflected in the Ukrainian criminal liability legislation. This is the only regulatory system that is based not only on the Constitution, but also on generally recognized norms and principles of international law. In this article, our experts, lawyers Prykhodko and Partners, will tell you what grounds are necessary to hold a person criminally liable.


In what cases can a person be held criminally liable?

The main reason for criminal liability is the suspect's commission of an act that can be characterized as socially dangerous.

A person is not considered guilty of committing a criminal offense until:

  • She will not be proven guilty in a legal manner.
  • A guilty verdict will not confirm her guilt.

It is also important to note the following: a person cannot be prosecuted again for committing the same crime.

We offer to consider in more detail such elements of any criminal proceedings as the object and subject of the crime, the composition of the crime, objective and subjective signs of the composition of the crime.

The composition of the crime formulates a set of legal features (both objective and subjective). It is these signs that characterize a socially dangerous act as a specific crime, which is provided for by the current legislation.

The object of the crime is social relations, which are protected by the Law. These social relations are clearly defined by the legislator:

  • Crime prevention.
  • Ensuring public safety and peace.
  • Protection of rights and freedoms, public order and security.

The subject of a crime is a person who has committed criminal acts. It is characterized by the following legal features: sanity, reaching a certain age, legal capacity.

The subjective side is the internal side of criminal acts. It manifests itself in how a person relates to the committed crime (goal, motive, guilt).

According to Article 23 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, the commission of a crime based on direct or indirect intent or carelessness (criminal negligence, criminal self-confidence) is distinguished.



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Expert in criminal law. The lawyer specializes in crimes of corruption and bribery. Protect you in your criminal proceedings.

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