What does trademark registration do?

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What does trademark registration do?

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What does trademark registration provide? Trademark registration gives the owner the right to use this trademark for the sale of goods and services.

What does trademark registration do?

First and foremost, trademark registration provides you with legal protection against potential infringement of your intellectual property. No competitor will have the right to use or copy your trademark without your express and written consent.

Trademark registration helps keep your brand unique and recognizable. A registered trademark acts as a guarantee of your authenticity in the market, which makes it easier to attract new customers and retain existing customers.

The object of a trademark can be any designation or combination of designations, such as words (including proper names), letters, numbers, images, colors, the shape of goods or their packaging, as well as sounds. It is important that such designations have the ability to distinguish the goods or services of one person from the goods or services of others. In addition, these designations must be suitable for inclusion in the Register of Trade Marks in such a way as to clearly define the scope of legal protection to be granted.

Trademark registration turns your identifying mark or logo into a valuable asset. This opens the door to sales, licensing and investment opportunities, allowing your business to grow and develop.

Advantages of trademark registration

Registered trademark owners have a significant advantage in court cases related to violations of intellectual property rights. This allows you to more easily identify and protect your rights in a legal way in such ways as:

  1. Pre-trial resolution of the dispute;
  2. Appeal to law enforcement agencies regarding infringement of your intellectual property rights;
  3. Resolution of the dispute by submitting a claim to the court.

It should also not be forgotten that a registered mark of goods and services can serve as an asset for a business. You, as the right owner of a trademark, have the right to sell it, license the use of such a sign by partners, provide access to its use during cooperation with other brands.

Registration is proof of professionalism, stability and recognition of your brand. This is important to attract and retain customers who are looking for reliability and trust in the market. Trademark registration takes place in several stages, which are clearly established by legislation, namely:

  1. Collection of documents for application;
  2. Submitting an application with payment of fees to UKRNOIVI;
  3. Setting the application date;
  4. Carrying out a formal examination;
  5. Obtaining a TM registration certificate.

In conclusion, it is important to note that consultation with a lawyer is an integral part of the trademark registration process. An intellectual property lawyer will ensure the correct execution of all necessary procedures and guarantee maximum protection of your trademark.

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