What documents are required for booking employees?

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What documents are required for booking employees?

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In today's war conditions, the issues of mobilization and military readiness are becoming key for any country. Businesses and organizations, especially those that perform critical functions for the country and increase the defense and economic potential of the state, must ensure continuity of operations. One of the effective methods of ensuring this continuity is to reserve employees for critical work as a means of delaying mobilization. In this way, the state recognizes that these individuals will be more useful to the state in their position than during military service. In this article, we will consider what documents are required to carry out this process and what is the procedure for supporting employees of enterprises to obtain a reservation from mobilization.


Main aspects of employee reservation

Reservation of employees for critical work is an important mechanism for ensuring the stability and functioning of key sectors of the economy and infrastructure in the context of escalating conflicts. This allows retaining the most qualified personnel in areas that are critical to the security and efficiency of the state.

To this end, the company compiles lists of persons liable for military service that are offered for booking. It is important that each person liable for military service has updated military registration documents so that the data entered into the tables that are annexes to the package of documents submitted to the relevant ministry are correct and valid.

What documents are required to book employees for the mobilization period?

To reserve employees for critical work, you need to collect a certain set of documents. These may include:

  • Military registration document;
  • Passport of a citizen of Ukraine;
  • An application from the employee: as a first step, the employee must submit an application for reservation, in which he or she states his or her reasons why he or she prefers to stay at work in case of mobilization;
  • An explanatory note from the employer: the employer has the right to submit an explanatory note to the Territorial center for recruitment and social support, in which it indicates the critical importance of the employee's work for the functioning of the enterprise.


Employee booking procedure and legal support

After collecting all the necessary documents, the booking procedure begins with the submission of an application from the employer to the relevant ministry, which decides whether to approve the booking. Then the materials are reviewed and a decision is made to approve or deny the reservation.

Reservation of employees for critical work from mobilization is an important mechanism to ensure the continuity of key sectors during martial law.

A properly drafted application and a package of documents confirming the importance of the employee's work will allow the reservation procedure to be carried out efficiently. To get advice or legal assistance on the reservation procedure, please fill out the form on our website and our lawyer will contact you shortly.

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