What documents are required for a foreign passport

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What documents are required for a foreign passport

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A foreign passport is not only a document that opens up wide travel horizons for you, but also an important tool in solving many legal issues abroad. Below you will find answers to questions about the necessary documents for obtaining a foreign passport in Ukraine, both for adults and for children.

Why do you need a foreign passport?

  • A foreign passport is the main document that allows its owner to leave the borders of his country and enter the territory of other countries. It becomes necessary for tourist trips, business visits, study or work abroad.
  •  The foreign passport determines the identity of its owner in the international context. It is a document certifying identity and citizenship, which allows the use of international rights and protection.
  • Many work and educational opportunities require a foreign passport. Some job vacancies, exchange programs and international educational institutions may require this document as a prerequisite for participation.
  • Possession of a foreign passport opens up new opportunities for business. This facilitates participation in international conferences, negotiations and meetings, promotes the development of business relations and can determine the level of access to the world market.
  • A foreign passport is also important in case of emergencies such as medical emergencies, natural disasters or political crises. Holders of a foreign passport can quickly leave the country and seek safety abroad.

Therefore, obtaining a foreign passport not only expands the geography of opportunities, but also provides personal and legal protection in the global community.

What documents are required for a foreign passport for an adult and a child?

Obtaining a foreign passport for adults and children in Ukraine requires a certain set of documents that confirm the personal data and citizenship of the applicant. Below is a list of required documents for both categories of persons:


  • Passport of a citizen of Ukraine. The original and a copy of the main pages of the passport are required.
  • Identification code. The original and a copy of the identification code.
  • Completed questionnaire. An official questionnaire that can be obtained at the passport office or on the website of the State Migration Service of Ukraine.
  • Photographs. Several color photos of the specified size (usually 3.5 x 4.5 cm) on a light background.
  • Payment document. Receipt for the payment of the state duty for issuing a foreign passport.

For children:

  • Child's birth certificate. Original and copy of birth certificate.
  • Passport of a citizen of Ukraine of parents (or guardian). The original and a copy of the main page of the parents' or guardian's passports.
  • Parent (or guardian) identification code. The original and a copy of the identification code of the parent or guardian.
  • Completed questionnaire. Questionnaire intended for issuing a foreign passport for a child.
  • Photos of the child. Photographs of the child in accordance with the prescribed sizes and requirements.
  • Payment document. Receipt for the payment of the state duty for issuing a foreign passport.

It is important to note that procedures and documents may change, therefore, before submitting documents, it is recommended to check the current information on the official website of the State Migration Service or consult with our specialists.

How does our law firm help in this matter?

Our legal company has many years of experience in the field of drafting documents and providing legal advice. We are ready to provide qualified assistance in the process of obtaining a foreign passport, helping with filling out the necessary forms, checking the availability of all necessary documents and interacting with the relevant state authorities. Our goal is to provide you with a safe and efficient process for obtaining an international passport so that you can enjoy your future international travels.

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