What documents are needed to renew a birth certificate?

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What documents are needed to renew a birth certificate?

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A birth certificate is one of the basic documents of a person. By the way, this applies to its use not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. For example, a birth certificate may be required to issue a temporary or permanent residence permit, which is one of the key legal goals for those people who want to feel confident in another country and enjoy a sufficiently large amount of rights.

The team of the “Prikhodko&Partners” law office is a team of experts in various areas of jurisprudence who help, including with the legal support of the birth certificate restoration procedure. Our work is aimed at your comfort, so a significant part of the services can be obtained remotely, freeing yourself from wasting time and effort.


What documents are needed to renew a birth certificate? - information deskWhere should I go to renew the certificate?

This issue is decided by the RATS bodies based on the person’s place of registration or residence. Probably, many people immediately had the question of what to do for those who are far from this institution or generally live abroad at the moment. For such cases, there is a great opportunity to choose a lawyer from our team to represent your interests. And then we will do everything necessary. You don’t have to come here neglecting your work or daily responsibilities. This will free you from long waits in queues and disrupted plans, if, for example, a long-term air alert was announced, which suspended the work of the National Emergency Service Center for a third of the working day.

For those clients who are abroad and cannot come, we organize the delivery of the restored certificate using the work of reliable courier services.

What documents are needed to renew a birth certificate? - urb 9486 1

What documents are needed to renew a birth certificate? - audit test 1What documents are required to renew the certificate?

In order to renew the birth certificate, the following list of documents is required:

  • Passport of a citizen of Ukraine.
  • Certificate of registration.
  • Photography.

It is optimal if you have a scanned copy of the birth certificate that you want to restore.

What documents are needed to renew a birth certificate? - licenseWho needs an apostille?

If you need to renew your birth certificate to use it abroad, you may need an apostillation service.

Apostille is a special stamp that has a square shape. Each of its sides is 10 centimeters. Inside is the text that makes all documents with an apostille valid in the countries that have joined the Hague Convention. Their list is wide enough, and you can find it in open sources or ask our specialists.

When the certificate is certified by an apostille, it has legal force at the place of demand in another country. This means that you can count on the validity of this document when issuing a residence permit or using it in a number of other situations.


What documents are needed to renew a birth certificate? - team informationWhy should you contact us?

Specialists of the legal company “Prikhodko&Partners” know the legal and well-established algorithms of interaction with state bodies. So we do all the necessary steps to restore your birth certificate in 1 day.

Contact us – we will use all the necessary legal knowledge and skills to effectively help you. By the way, the services of our team can be useful for you in many other legal matters.

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