What categories of men can go abroad?

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What categories of men can go abroad?

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It should be understood that during martial law on the territory of Ukraine, not all categories of men have the right to cross the border. The category of men who can leave Ukraine during martial law is quite small. Since most men are conscripts and do not have the right to freely cross the border.

In general, it should be understood that conscripted men between the ages of 18 and 60 do not have the right to cross the border, with the exception of those who, for one reason or another, are not conscripted or have the right to a deferral in accordance with Article 23 of the Law "On mobilization and mobilization training'' and this postponement coincides with the grounds for crossing the border.


First of all, this category of men includes those:

  • who are excluded from military registration due to their health. That is, in accordance with Order №402, they have such diseases that they are recognized as unfit for military service, and they have a mark of exclusion from military registration in their military registration documents. In order to cross the border, they need to have a military registration document with the appropriate mark and a decision of the MМС that declared them unfit for military service.
  • Men whose parents (father or mother) have the first or second group of disabilities, or whose wife has the first or third group of disabilities, can also cross the border. They can travel as an accompanying person of such relatives with disabilities. For this, a certificate certifying disability issued by the Medical and Social Expert Commission and a disability pension certificate of persons with disabilities and documents confirming the family ties of conscripted men with such persons with disabilities will be required.
  • Men who support a minor or an adult child with a disability also have the right to cross the border during martial law. Crossing the border, as in the previous case, is possible only when accompanied by such a child with a disability. Among the necessary documents will be a birth certificate, a certificate of a joint place of registration and a child's disability certificate.
  • Of course, those conscripts who have the first, second or third group of disabilities have the opportunity to cross the border. At the border, it will be necessary to prove it with a disability certificate from the Medical Social Expert Commission and a disability pension certificate.
  • If a man has three or more dependent children under the age of 18, he will also have the right to cross the border. In this case, you should prepare a certificate of a father with many children, a certificate of a common place of registration and birth certificates of all children.
  • It is obvious that men over sixty years of age also have the opportunity to cross, since they are already non-military conscription.


So, there is a certain list of conscript men who have the right to cross the border during the period of martial law in Ukraine. In order to understand in more detail who exactly has the right, for what period and what necessary package of documents should be collected for crossing the border, it is worth contacting a qualified specialist in the field of these issues.

The military lawyers of our company will comprehensively provide consultation on this type of issues and help to understand whether you have the right to cross the border during martial law.

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