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 It is doubtful that anyone knows about the administrative liability for doing business without proper registration, but just in case, the fine for such activities today will be from 17,000 to 34,000 UAH, with confiscation of manufactured goods, equipment, raw materials and money received in the investigation such activities.

However, who did not think of the question: “What is the difference between the state to my retail online store on Instagram? Moreover, they will definitely not find me “? Yes, with such risks it is better not to try, except for the loss of all income and the fine is not small. But on the other hand to pay money for registration, to understand all this or to pay money to the lawyer again, and if it does not go, to get to taxes, and then again to understand how to close it all or once again to pay money to the lawyer …

 However, there is a small loophole that I want to share with you, and it’s free, but provided that when you succeed, you will think about what to contact us for legal support for your business.

 The fact is that one of the signs of entrepreneurial activity is regularity, which in judicial practice has become so important, if you carry out a homogeneous activity that brings you more than 4 times a calendar year, such activity is considered entrepreneurial and requires registration and payment. taxes. Accordingly, we have 4 free agreements to test your business and when you make sure that your product / service is in demand, you will go with your heart to register your business, choose the form of taxation, read the reports, well, or contact us for comprehensive legal advice and accompaniment.

 Economic activity of a natural person is considered to be any activity aimed at the production of goods, performance of works, trade and provision of services for remuneration. Business activities also include activities related to the performance of the contract, professional activities, business services of real estate, the activities of a commercial agent, broker and sole proprietor.

 According to Article 42 of the Civil Code of January 16, 2003, entrepreneurship is an independent, initiative, systematic, at their own risk economic activity carried out by business entities (entrepreneurs) in order to achieve economic and social results and make a profit.

 The economic topic is very close to us, so you will receive information on the state registration of the business entity, the choice of the appropriate form of taxation, the minimization of taxes and fees and the benefits of concluding civil contracts instead of employment and outsourcing instead of staff. For more detailed legal advice on these and other issues, please contact Prikhodko & Partners.

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