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Many Ukrainians, fleeing the war, choose Canada for this purpose. Indeed, in Canada there are good opportunities to get financial support, as well as to have access to quality education and medicine. That is why, despite the great distance between Ukraine and Canada, the great flow of people there does not decrease. If you are interested in how to get a visa to Canada, this article will give you some actionable recommendations and broaden your understanding of the topic.

VISA TO CANADA FOR UKRAINIANS - employee portfolioVisa to Canada for Ukrainians: CUAET visa

Before coming to Canada, Ukrainians must obtain an appropriate permit. A visa called CUAET, which is an abbreviation of the words “Canada-Ukraine authorization for emergency travel”, has even been developed for this purpose. If translated, we are talking about a Canadian-Ukrainian emergency travel permit.

Sometimes people wonder which visa is best for them. For someone, a tourist visa to Canada becomes a priority. And those who are more focused on studies choose such an option as a student visa to Canada. However, if we talk specifically about CUAET, then it is the optimal universal solution for Ukrainians and combines the possibilities of both mentioned types of visa. Among the advantages of CUAET can be noted that:

  • first, you will be able to live up to 3 years in Canada;
  • secondly, you will have the opportunity to work unhindered, which will open opportunities for self-realization;
  • thirdly, you will get access to education, which will allow you to use the chance to improve your qualifications or even acquire a new specialty, which is in demand in the modern labor market;
  • fourthly, you will have the opportunity to use Canadian medicine.

In short, such a visa is a good option for those who prioritize a comfortable and socially protected life. If you want to work in Canada, when you submit documents, fill out the application, you need to write “yes” in the appropriate column. The questionnaire contains questions about employment. However, if a person did not initially plan for this, and after arriving in Canada, the plans changed and he decided to try himself on the labor market there, everything can be fixed. A work permit can be obtained upon arrival. As for the application, it can be submitted not only by the citizen of Ukraine, but also by his family members.

The procedure takes place online and does not involve the payment of any fee. As for the average application processing time, it is about 2 weeks.


VISA TO CANADA FOR UKRAINIANS - information deskSome important aspects regarding CUAET visa

It is important to know that:

  • Said application is not submitted either at the Canadian embassy or at the visa centers;
  • When it comes to the departure of a child with one parent, permission must be obtained from the other (it is not required only when the parent who will accompany the child has full custody of the child).


Sometimes, additional information (for example, biometric data such as photo and fingerprints) may be requested for visa processing.

Ukrainians traveling to Canada with a CUAET visa are exempt from mandatory vaccination, however, they must pass a test and observe quarantine measures.

If you need a more detailed consultation about a visa to Canada, specialists of the company “Prikhodko&Partners” will be happy to advise you.

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