Variability of lawyer blockchain involvement

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Variability of lawyer blockchain involvement

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Optimization of the tax base

The definition of cryptocurrencies or digital assets can vary significantly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. In some countries, there are no legal definitions for crypto-assets at all, and they are governed by existing financial laws, or cryptocurrencies are considered financial instruments and subject to securities and commodity laws goods.

Some countries classify cryptocurrencies as a digital representation of value that is not issued or guaranteed by a central bank. Cryptocurrencies are sometimes viewed as property or commodities.

Some jurisdictions take a hybrid approach, recognizing different types of tokens or cryptocurrencies with different legal classifications based on their utility, purpose, and characteristics, or declaring that cryptocurrencies are not legal tender, may be recognized as a medium of exchange but without national currency status.

This classification of cryptocurrencies is important for regulatory oversight and will have implications for the taxation of income derived from crypto-asset activities.

Fintech lawyers, after conducting a thorough analysis of your situation, will offer a jurisdiction with an optimal tax and regulatory regime or help with business structuring, optimization of the tax burden, legalization of crypto assets, and legal withdrawal into fiat currencies.

Acquisition and due diligence of an existing business

A good alternative to registering a new company and going through the licensing process is to buy an active business for your needs and in a convenient jurisdiction.

Before the adj of an operating blockchain business - lawyers will conduct an independent and comprehensive analysis of the company, which includes checking the financial status and reporting, in particular assets and liabilities, assessment of the taxation system, legal aspects of the company's registration, the presence of pending cases in the courts, and will provide full legal support for the purchase of a ready-made companies

Protection of intellectual property

Startups and large experienced businesses, creating new technological products and services, often encounter legal uncertainty and the need to protect copyright and property rights for inventions, technologies, and trademarks.

Blockchain - lawyers will help develop a legal framework specific to the project and jurisdiction, provide compliance with regulatory standards and protection of intellectual property rights, and develop specific contracts with terms of alienation of property rights, royalties, and license agreements.


Are you planning to invest in cryptocurrency mining or staking? Renting computing power or installing mining equipment in rented offices? Do you need to negotiate profitable investments to expand mining capacity or legalize cryptocurrency profits and pay taxes?

Fintech lawyers will help solve these issues, build legal relations with investors, draw up contracts for the purchase or lease of mining equipment, and optimize the tax base.

In summary, it should be noted that the list of activities related to distributed ledger technology and digital assets is far from exclusive and continues to be updated along with the development of innovative technologies, which requires constant in-depth legal knowledge, analysis, and expertise.

Thus, blockchain lawyers with their unique knowledge and skills at the intersection of jurisprudence and technology become indispensable partners for businesses that are forced to work in a new and complex legal field.

We use the innovative potential of cryptocurrencies with a deep understanding of blockchain technology and algorithms, support and believe in the future of this transformative technology.

Combining the Web2 and Web3 worlds, the lawyers of the company "Prikhodko and Partners" completely erase any boundaries, creating a smart and secure future for you and your business.

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