Фото: Using a payment transaction registrar: checks, fines

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Using a payment transaction registrar: checks, fines

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RST is an acronym that has been constantly heard over the past few weeks. There is nothing surprising here, because since October 1, the moratorium on business inspections, which can be carried out by tax officials, has been lifted. Also, starting from this date, a significant number of entrepreneurs are obliged to use the same RST- registrars of settlement transactions.

What is this device for?

RST is designed to register settlement transactions that occur during the sale of goods, as well as the provision of services. This also applies to operations during which foreign currency is bought or sold, as well as operations when cash is accepted for the purpose of further transfer.

Who needs RST?

Registers of settlement transactions in 2023 are necessary for single tax payers who belong to groups 2 and 3 and work in such areas as:

  • retail;
  • services;
  • catering.

It is worth noting that the mentioned legislative norm was introduced on January 1, 2022. However, later, a full-scale invasion of Russia began, and our state, for its part, met the entrepreneurs by introducing a moratorium on relevant inspections. It was announced that it would not be removed until martial law in the country is lifted, but unfortunately we see a different situation. Therefore, in order not to simply state, but to properly prepare, it is worth knowing the current legal norms and how they are applied specifically in your situation. This can be done by contacting the lawyers of the Prikhodko&Partners law firm, because we have experienced experts in tax law.

Many entrepreneurs are surprised that they now need to use RST. These are not only those who have stationary trade or food outlets, but also online stores and travel agencies. Only some examples are mentioned here, but in fact there are many more.

How can you check RST?

It is very easy to check the presence of RST. This is done through the electronic service of the FSSU, where it is indicated whether the cash register is registered with the relevant authorities. You can also check your registration using the check received from the device. All this information is available in the open part of the Electronic Cabinet, so it is easy for tax officials to pay attention to it.

What are the penalties for violating this legislation?

If the goods or services are sold without the use of RST or the client does not receive a fiscal check, the entrepreneur will have to pay a fine in the amount of 100% of the value of the goods or services. And when it comes to repeating such an offense, then here it will already be 150% of the amount.

If the entrepreneur does not submit reports related to the RST, or there is no control tape on the device, he can pay a fine of 510 hryvnias. And if changes were made to the design of the device, which are not provided for by the instructions from the manufacturer or the developer of the corresponding software, then a much larger fine, which is calculated in the amount of 5100 hryvnias, will be threatened.


Administrative fines are also provided if the settlement procedure is violated. 34-85 hryvnias are charged to the seller or cashier who did not use the PRO, and 85-170 hryvnias to the official of the business entity. If the buyer or client was not allowed to pay by electronic means of payment, the fine will be in the amount of 1,700 to 3,400 hryvnias.

Taking a risk...

So, starting from October, what was suspended in connection with martial law - the use by payers of the single tax of the RST and the corresponding checks and fines for violations of the law - will be introduced.

In order to prepare and not lose money due to your own unpreparedness for these changes, contact professional lawyers who know tax and administrative law in a timely manner. Such specialists work with us.

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Head of tax law practice

An expert in the practice of tax law, specializes in the protection of rights in court, corporate law.

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