Russia has launched a full-scale invasion of our homeland, Ukraine, and it is no secret. Now, due to the extremely dangerous situation, not only Ukrainians, but also our foreign guests, who have always sought a residence permit in our country, and some even citizens, have been forced to leave their homes and flee wherever they see.

Unfortunately, many of our foreign guests have also been forced to leave their cities of study, work, home, family – and move to safer cities or countries.

Many of them have faced a number of problems over time, such as applying for a temporary or permanent certificate, but have gone to another country and are now unable to obtain it.

Or, for example, a man and his wife lived in Kharkiv, where they had a small child, because of a dangerous situation that began on February 24, they were forced to go to Kyiv, and left all their documents in the migration service in Kharkiv, and now they need help. in the restoration of these documents.

Or if you have expired a temporary certificate, you are abroad and you urgently need to extend its validity and get back to Ukraine, we will be happy to help you.

Or if you have an expiration date in Ukraine, and you want to have time to make all the documents on time, and for this you need to extend your stay.

Or if you were a student in Ukraine, and because of the war you were forced to flee and you were expelled, but you want to return to Ukraine and stay here legally.

Or if you got married before the war, started applying for a permanent ID, and because of the threat to life in the shelled city and did not finish the case – then you definitely need to call us!

We will help to overcome all these difficulties and problems as soon as possible and in a legal way. Our most experienced professional lawyers will help you solve any migration issues and will accompany you throughout the journey.

The following statements should always be an important reminder for you: never forget that the services of a lawyer are relevant both in standard procedures and in case of misunderstandings with the migration authorities. Entrust the performance of services to our turnkey professionals. Thanks to a migration law lawyer, you will get rid of the need to go through bureaucratic, time-consuming procedures, prepare documents and visit government agencies.

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