Unusable in peacetime and limited in wartime

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Unusable in peacetime and limited in wartime

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A mandatory condition for conscripts before military service is passing a military medical commission, which determines fitness for military service based on health.

Since martial law and general mobilization continue in Ukraine at the moment, this article will cover the topic of fitness for military service during martial law.

In practice, quite a lot of requests are made when people who were declared unfit in peacetime and limited fit in wartime were removed from the register and considered not to be mobilized at the moment.

  • First of all, it is necessary to understand that deregistered is not the same concept as deregistered.
  • Second, limited fitness does not mean that a person cannot be mobilized and that he has the right to deferment from mobilization.

In turn, limited suitability indicates that a person is suitable for military service, but with some restrictions according to his health.


Also, one of the mistakes is when people think that only disabled people get limited fitness. No, it is not so, because even without a disability, a person may be recognized as limited fit or even unfit for military service by the decision of the MMC.

You can read about limited fitness in the article "Limited fitness for military service", which was written earlier and in which this issue is discussed in more detail.

Moreover, there are cases when a person in peacetime was recognized as unfit and limited fit in wartime and was removed from the register on this basis and, accordingly, did not pass the MMC and during this time his health deteriorated. This person, with the announcement of mobilization, came to the Territorial center of procurement and social support, was registered, but was recognized as unfit for military service. Thus, the state of health can really both improve and deteriorate, and fitness for service is determined only by the military medical commission, which makes the appropriate decision.


If you have doubts about your suitability, since it is difficult for an ordinary citizen to understand this issue on his own and there is a need to seek help from specialists. You can take advantage of the consultation of our specialists, during which your medical documents will be analyzed, and you will be oriented regarding this issue.

It is worth noting that the issue of cleaning up this term "limited suitability" is currently being discussed. What is meant by leaving only the category of suitable and unsuitable. Arguing this is that if there are health problems, the person will be found fit, but it will be specified what specific work he cannot do.

If you have questions about the mobilization account, make an appointment for a consultation, which can be ordered online or come to the office. But given that some circumstances require a quick solution or a person cannot physically visit the office, it is possible to order a consultation online to avoid spending time traveling.

It is important to note that the quality of the consultation remains unchanged, regardless of whether it is conducted in person or in an online format. Fill out the form on our website and our military lawyer will call you.

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