Unlocking accounts during wartime

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Unlocking accounts during wartime

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Seizure of bank accounts is one of the most common methods of forced collection of funds in Ukraine. In the conditions of economic crisis and martial law, the number of account seizures is only increasing. After all, many citizens and entrepreneurs are unable to fulfill their financial obligations - repay loans, pay fines, etc.

At the same time, the imposition of a seizure significantly complicates the life of account holders, since they cannot freely dispose of their own funds. Therefore, the issue of removing the arrest is extremely urgent.

Importantly! It is a mistake to think that accounts cannot be seized during martial law. Regardless of the maintenance of a special state, the procedure for seizure of funds is in effect and the executor still has the right to block the debtor's account for debts and fines by issuing the appropriate resolution.


An innovation that allows you to block accounts

Amendments were made to the Law of Ukraine "On Executive Proceedings" allowing executors to block accounts subject to seizure, regardless of the amount of the debt, starting in May 2023.

Such blocking of accounts and bank cards during martial law is legal. The owner of the seized account has only a few options to regain access to the funds.

Importantly! Seizure can be imposed by a notary's executive inscription, despite the fact that the use of notarial inscriptions was canceled during the period of martial law. Executive proceedings opened before the start of the war continue to operate.

How can the arrest be removed?

The seizure of bank accounts during martial law can be either partial or full.

  1. For partial unlocking, you can apply for access to an amount corresponding to two minimum wages. This amount is available for a month without the possibility of transferring it in whole or in part to the next one.
  2. Regarding the complete removal of the arrest, there are the following options:
  • Prove a violation of the arrest procedure.
  • Appeal against the notarial inscription, according to which the seizure was imposed.
  • Appeal the arrest decision in court.
  • Enter into an amicable agreement with the creditor and agree on the removal of the arrest.
  • Pay off the debt or pay the fine for which the arrest was made.

Seizure of property and blocking of cards during martial law continues. In order to remove the arrest during the war, you need legal advice or an appeal to the court.


Unblocking bank accounts and access to funds

Currently, the procedure for sending executors' decisions on partial unblocking of accounts to banks is not automated. Resolutions are sent by mail.

Because of this, banks can receive such resolutions only within 14 calendar days after they are issued by the executor.

Where can I go for help in removing the seizure from bank accounts?

In case of attachment of your bank accounts or misunderstanding about your next steps, contact the law firm "Prykhodko and Partners".

Here you will be provided with qualified legal assistance, starting with a consultation where the situation and possible options will be explained to you in detail, and ending with accompanying the arrest removal process - from the preparation of documents to control at all stages.

Professional lawyers will protect your interests, ensure high-quality preparation of documents, monitor the progress of the case - until the accounts are fully unblocked. Don't delay getting a qualified lawyer, contact us today!

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