Unfit for military service due to health

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Unfit for military service due to health

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Military service is compulsory for many citizens, but not for all. Sometimes the state of health can make a person unfit for military service. Ukrainian legislation provides clear definitions and procedures for determining such ineligibility.

In accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Military Obligation and Military Service", categories of citizens who may be deemed unfit for military service due to health conditions are defined. These categories include people with illnesses, developmental disabilities, and those who have had major injuries or surgeries.

Persons unfit for military service by decision of the Military Police are subject to exclusion from military registration with a corresponding mark in the military registration document and a certificate from the Military Police about unfitness for military service. Accordingly, after that, the person is considered not conscripted.


The issue of unfitness for military service is resolved through a medical examination. This examination is carried out by a military medical commission, which consists of qualified medical professionals. They analyze medical documentation and conduct examinations of conscripted citizens.

The medical board uses clear criteria to determine unfitness for military service. These criteria include the level of physical and mental ability, the presence of chronic diseases, as well as forecasts regarding the future state of health. The main normative legal act, which is guided by the doctors of the MMC when determining the state of fitness for military service, is Order 402 of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine dated August 14, 2008. Namely, the schedule of the schedule of diseases, which is presented in the above-mentioned Order.

According to the law, every citizen conscripted has the right to a reasoned decision regarding his suitability for military service. He can provide additional medical documentation for one or another disease or seek advice from another medical institution. All this must be done during the military medical examination to confirm your unfitness.

If the applicant does not agree with the decision of the medical commission and believes that he should still be declared unfit for military service, he has the right to legal protection. The lawyers of our company can provide professional assistance in this matter, including appeals to the regional MMC,  CMMC and court procedures.


Unsuitability for military service due to health is a serious issue that requires careful consideration. Ukrainian legislation provides clear rules and procedures for dealing with this issue, and legal aid can ensure that the applicant's rights are protected in this process.

The military lawyers of our company can provide full support in determining unfitness for military service. Namely, to analyze the client's medical documents in accordance with the 402nd Order on the state of unfitness, to provide a full consultation and, if necessary, to appeal the decision of the MMC regarding unfitness for military service. Fill out the form on our website and our lawyer will contact you shortly.

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