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 The global crisis in relations between the countries of the West and the Russian Federation is especially noticeable when it comes to Ukraine, which is the catalyst for breaking the same relations. If we ignore the Minsk Agreements, which unite the Ukrainian, Russian, European and American peoples, there is no strategic dialogue at all.

 But despite the aggression of the Russian Federation and the reluctance to go to peace, Ukraine continues to make concessions in every possible way, proposes agreements and does not lose hope for the restoration of peace and friendly relations between the two fraternal peoples.

 On the issue of acquiring Ukrainian citizenship by citizens of the Russian Federation, the procedure for providing a document confirming withdrawal from the citizenship of the Russian Federation was simplified. It is clearly spelled out in the legislation of Ukraine that citizens of the Russian Federation who are not able to provide a document confirming the fact of withdrawal from the citizenship of the Russian Federation, due to the presence of grounds that do not depend specifically on the applicant, can submit an application to the SMS on the territory of Ukraine and complete the procedure for obtaining Ukrainian citizenship. As a side note, in April 2019, the President of the Russian Federation signed a Decree, according to which residents of Donetsk and Lugansk regions were granted the right to acquire Russian citizenship in a simplified manner (according to Russian legislation, foreign citizens of the Russian Federation can be issued in the usual, simplified and special procedure).

 Also, in January 2020, citizens of Ukraine do not have to pass an exam for knowledge of the Russian language and provide relevant supporting documents. The Ukrainians are exempt from this obligation.

 In practical contact with the paperwork, it is clear that the Russian Federation remains an aggressor country, potentially dangerous for Ukraine, and its immigrants still undergo a corresponding “cleansing” on the territory of Ukraine. For example, in the issue of obtaining a temporary residence permit on the territory of Ukraine, upon obtaining a permit for immigration, and even more so, obtaining citizenship of Ukraine – citizens of the Russian Federation are subjected to a more substantial and thorough check: addresses of residence on the territory of Ukraine, grounds for obtaining a temporary or permanent residence permit (The most difficult categories are volunteering and employment on the territory of Ukraine, since, according to the SMS and representatives of the law enforcement system, it is these categories that can be artificially recreated in order to obtain documents on the territory of Ukraine. And this is very easy to tie to administrative and even criminal liability) , verification of documents for authenticity, etc.

 When processing documents for citizens of the Russian Federation, it is imperative to have a personal lawyer in order to be able to correctly draw up documents and not have problems in the future. Contact the specialists of the “Prikhodko & Partners” Law Firm, our lawyers will clearly and correctly help you cope with all the complexities of the situation in government agencies and will do all the routine work for you.

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